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S01.E05: Weddings and Weigh Ins LIVE CHAT

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Amy decides to have a real wedding ceremony because, if she gets approved for surgery she's afraid she may not survive.  After the wedding, the sisters head to Atlanta hoping for a life-changing final weigh in.

Amy's vision:


My expectation:


This is the LIVE CHAT thread.  I will be open during the US East Cost showing.  Join us in the snarkfest!  Let's see if Amy eats cake at her wedding.  Let's see how much Tammy loses (big money is on little to nothing).  Let's marvel at the wonders that are the Slaton sisters. 

Original air date 2020.01.29

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Just now, Giant Misfit said:

OMG that mother is such hateful trash. 

I half-ass pay attention to this show. Is this the first time we've seen their mother? If so, she explains everything. 🤬🤬🤬

Also, Tammi, not everything is because you're bigger. Sometimes, it's because you're a bitch. 

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I'm afraid Tammy's forehead is going to cover her eyes.  

Rolling eyes, trying to meet men on line?  She doesn't think they'll notice that she's fat all over? Reality check time.

1 minute ago, Kid said:

You are unlovable Tammy because you’re whining,  perpetual victim.

Nailed it!

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1 minute ago, Giant Misfit said:

What kind of guy wants to date Tammy?! He looks like a half-decent looking man ... I mean, GOD. Are the options really WORSE where he lives?

A Catfish?  I don't think a Catfish would waste his time with her.  

Pass me the kerosine and matches please.

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Amy's forehead closeup DOES look like she's growing something up there like Tammy.  I wonder what's going on with their foreheads??

Loved that Tammy said she'd given up sodas for FIVE DAYS and her stomach looked "fatter" then corrected herself and said "Flatter".  OMG, they're drinking WINE???

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Why is Amy's head bright red?

Nothing says CLASS than chugging wine out of a plastic pink Bride cup.....

Wonder how much TLC paid that place to stage this.

OMG, sounds like they're going to have a male dancer visit.  Wonder if he's going to be obese too?

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3 minutes ago, aliya said:

Did she say 'pimp cup' or 'pink cup'? TLC must have paid the winery big money to let these crazies film there. 

She called it her pimp cup. Staying classy!

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