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A Note from your Moderators about "DCC Insiders"

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Primetimer does not endorse any information offered by self-proclaimed "insiders" at the DCC or Cowboys organization, nor do we care who claims to be a DCC insider/what they say so long as he or she follows the forum rules.

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We don't require verification aka "receipts" for posting and we don't permit members to demand receipts, so no one is going to prove their "insider"-ness; it's up to you as an individual member to decide if you want to believe someone works for the organization and is willing to risk their job by violating any employment contracts or Non Disclosure Agreements they signed with the team and/or the television show, or if they're actually the guy who works at the car rental facility outside the Des Moines airport. 

Those who claim to be "insiders" are still first and foremost members and as such, they must abide by, and are protected by, our Be Civil rules: no one should be name-calling or criticizing them as fellow posters.
HOWEVER, claims presented as inside information are eligible for scrutiny and criticism. (OK to say: "This sounds like bullshit and I don't believe that happened for a second." Not OK to say: "You're full of shit and don't know anything.")  As LL Cool J would say: Don't hate the claimer, hate the claim.

That said, we cannot stress enough: 

  • Comments are not moderated because they speak negatively about the DCC or Cowboys organization or claim to be insiders.   
  • Comments are moderated because they break one of the simple rules we have here that kindergarteners could follow but many self-proclaimed "insiders" couldn't: most often, The Golden Rule: Be Civil.

Our Community Manager succinctly sums it up here.

This is a community.  It's not fun to move to a community where everything you say gets shut down by someone who knows better than you "because they do."  It's not nice to live in a community where a few people get to decide what the correct opinion is for everyone because they allegedly "know people who know people."  The moderators are here to ensure that this community remains one that new (and old) residents feel comfortable in. 

If you should see anyone breaking the rules, we ask that you do your part and report the offending post using the flag icon underneath it.  (In our community, this is the equivalent of calling 9-1-1 when you see a robbery in progress.)

If you have any questions, please reach out to your DCC moderators.

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