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S01.E03: Episode 3

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The big themes that I'm getting at this stage are Symmetry, and the question of what to do with Rome's women.

In the Episode 2 thread, duality was brought up, but imo it's more than that, as the camera emphasizes symmetry in almost every shot on Brannox's estate. Is it going anywhere, or is it just a neat camera trick? Don't know.

But the women, and their sexuality and needs this season - wow, it's being pounded (sorry) at the start of every episode, with the opening theme. The nuns tonight were showcased as being screwed over by the boy's club, so I don't know where that's going, either, but I do expect it to continue to be explored as the season goes on.

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I guess they are providing all these sub-plots to some minor characters, to fill out the episodes maybe.

For instance, I wouldn't have expected them to bring back Esther but now she has no means of supporting herself so she was almost gaslit into having sex with that son of the rich woman and the way they posed and choreographed that, with the son shrouded in darkness, with only his hands being visible in a brightly lit, small spotlight, they are trying to produce some arresting images but not sure they necessarily serve the stories.


So I vaguely recall Lenny's issues.  He was underappreciated in his personal life.  There wasn't anything about him which made him a good choice for pope, it was more of an issue of Vatical politics.

With Brannox, it turns out he deeply resents his parents, tried to live up to their expectations for his twin, whom they adore unconditionally while hating John.

Again, Voiello gets him elected just to make sure his rival doesn't become pope.

His first address at St. Peter's Square is about family and love, which is irony or a serious troll, given his family history.

Of course the popes are human, even if believers think their saints.  Yet in both these choices, Voiello's machinations put in very flawed persons.  Well he got Francis elected too but he didn't even try to put up with him, had him offed right away.




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I felt badly for the nuns.  200 euros isn't that much to give, since the priests can afford Bentleys and two pairs of glasses.  I didn't quite understand the tattoo at the end, though.

It seems like every episode contains a scene of someone dancing.  The self reference of John Malkovich was strange, and so was the idea that Meghan would call a priest for fashion advice.

It will be interesting to see the popes meet in person next week.

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2 hours ago, peridot said:

The self reference of John Malkovich was strange

Yes what was the point of that, other than to be too precious by half. Talk about dramatic self-consciousness.

The downside to Brannox's elevation? He has the most boring speeches. Saying nothing and going on far too long. Is that on purpose, or is the writing this season just...bad?

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