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Aired last night October 14, 2021 (while I was dozing off during commercials):

3.9 "Christmas Eve" originally aired in Canada March 31, 2021 (not December?!?):


Jenny and Donovan are lured to a dangerous, remote location in search of the suspect in the Browning murders.

Ross is like the Dennis The Menace of family relations. 

I guess next week is the season finale.

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9 hours ago, shapeshifter said:

Ross is like the Dennis The Menace of family relations. 

He just doesn't know when to stop, does he? Whatever issues need to be worked out between Jenny and her mother, ambushing Jenny on Christmas Day was not the way to do it.


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3.10 "Christmas Day" Season 3 finale
Aired in Canada April 7, 2021
Aired in the US October 21, 2021


Jenny and Donovan find themselves in grave danger as they further their pursuit of the criminal who committed the Browning murders.


On 10/22/2021 at 11:17 AM, TVForever said:

And just realized as I'm writing this that Ross wasn't in the ep at all. Hmm.

Ross and Liam have a brief exchange after Jenny's dad and mother go upstairs. Liam asks about Ross studying massage, and Ross offers to spike their drinks, which gives Liam an opportunity to tell Ross he isn't drinking anymore. 

And Liam dies for sure this time, right?

On 10/22/2021 at 11:17 AM, TVForever said:

Wow, that was amazingly sad. Like, "had to go hug our rabbit to feel better" kind of sad.

Yeah. 😢 I didn't have to get my plush fish, but it was very sad.
For me it was bearable because they've done So. Much. Foreshadowing. this whole season about it being the end of Liam, one way or another.
And this show does do foreshadowing well.  After watching 3.7 "Round and Round" I posted:

On 10/1/2021 at 6:07 PM, shapeshifter said:

When Liam was coughing after wrecking the truck, I thought for sure it was Chekhov's fatal broken rib in the lung cough. But no.

And yup.
In 3.10 it was an "intercostal vein" but fatal just the same. ☹️
At least Jenny and Liam got to say their ILYs.

And, honestly, Clark is 110% better for Jenny.

But, wow. Jenny is capable of killing someone if necessary. In the murder den. With the pipe.
Although I think the evil Browning brother survived.
And how fitting was it that Jenny did to him what he did to Donovan?

Donovan was a little too cheery when he was wheeled off to surgery. I guess the pre-surgery dope works on him the way it's supposed to. 


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Anyone else watch the season 4 premiere? I forgot how depressing the characters on this show are.

I can't claim to be sad about Liam, as I was always kind of lukewarm about him. I realize this is yet another setback for Jenny, but I can't help but feel we aren't making any progress with her character over the seasons. Still, it was nice to see her happy, even if only on the surface.

Mac is now also having issues. I had always appreciated his relative stability.

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I watched and had a post which I somehow deleted... I was reminded recently on the site spoiler tag policy so if you haven't seen the episode this is your fair warning!







Season premiere was alright. I thought the story felt rushed but I streamed it without commercials so that probably messed with the tone.

I thought I was supposed to know the couple who owned the Air BnB where Jenny was staying - maybe through Liam - but she needed to be told the story behind the husband's PTSD. 

Mac being miraculously fine was a really bizarre scene, and then him being so reckless with the comic book husband was out of character. But they're obviously setting his storyline up... His line about beating cancer and not being shot by the husband was pretty funny but I don't remember the specific wording.

The father of the dead teen was a massive jerk and had no shame in what he did whatsoever. 

The cop with the "keep your nose clean" at the end was just a DICK.

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I am now at the “it’s an obligation to see this through” watch level. I cannot enjoy any of these characters.  I sort of get damaged Jenny protecting her dad, but for crying out loud for an educated woman she is 3 short of a dozen.  Her depression leaves a man with dementia in the care of her suddenly reappeared mother (how’s the for a plot twist) and her next to useless flake of a kid in an isolated farmhouse.  Why she has not found him a safe place to be is beyond me. Been there, done that with a parent. It’s hard, but you have to keep them safe and not just muddle through your own mental fog. The scenes without her and her drama he’d family makes for okay watching. Can we keep the cops and and Pree from Killjoys (Thom Allison).  And burn down the farmhouse   Tragic. 

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Ouch. Just when I thought these people couldn't get more depressing to watch.


That was gut wrenching though, when Jenny put her hand on her dad and choked out her prayer.

For a moment, I wondered if Peggy had killed him. Still not sure she didn't, knowing this show.


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I remember reading about it back when it happened so I was surprised when Campbell showed up this season but I guess that they were filmed beforehand.  Such a stupid thing to do.

But at this point, Jenny's dad really doesn't add anything to the show except angst for Jenny and I've had enough of that. Jennifer Dale did a great job as Peggy in this episode thought.

I hope that's the last of Donovan's ex Cassidy. It's not just that I liked the artist more. I don't know what it is about Cassidy, she just feels like a negative to me.


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31 minutes ago, Kelda Feegle said:

WTAF was that finale?

Dream sequences, fake autopsies, fantasy fulfilment and utter confusion. 

Was it the finale? I always find it hard to tell with this show.

But yes it was...different. I don't typically like dream sequences, fake scenes that don't really happen, etc.

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Considering I’ve watching this on a “I started it, I’ll finish it” not sure how I feel about the fakeout ending. If this is the ending. She quit once (took leave) and came back. Now to see if it’s been renewed or can I delete the series from the pvr 

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On the plus side, it was good to see Cynthia Dale again, and Cynthia and Jennifer Dale together and playing sisters.

And the red scrubs were pretty, if reminiscent of previous shows.

On 4/1/2022 at 9:42 PM, Pepper the Cat said:

Why did Peggy replace the money in the savings account?

Why does Peggy do anything? That character made no sense except on a very superficial level. If Gordon was the love of her life, why did she wait so long to make contact again?

I like the "months later" till I realized that it really wasn't. I've had enough of the fantasies and Jenny's neuroses.

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Season 4 is Not going to air on the CW starting June 2.
It's scheduled for "fall" on Sundays, (tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/the-cw-announces-new-and-returning-tv-series-for-2022-23-schedule)
"likely in October" (tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/coroner-season-four-premiere-date-delayed-by-the-cw).

But with the changes at the CW--including the drop of original shows from 19 to 11, apparently due to "the CW’s pending sale to Nexstar . . . ," (deadline.com/2022/05/the-cw-cancellations-upfront-2022-transitional-year-ownership-change-1235022928),
but mostly just the fact of Coroner being postponed from Summer to Fall,
I'm not holding my breath--just updating my spreadsheet of TV shows.

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The latest articles imply that the delay to fall of Season 4 is an indication of the value of Coroner as a replacement for canceled shows, for example: 



The network didn’t explain the reason for the delay but it’s likely tied to The CW being up for sale and the cancellation of several shows earlier this month. With less original scripted content to populate the fall schedule, the execs have opted to delay Coroner’s return.

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Is Coroner Renewed or Cancelled Yet, in the Wake of Serinda Swan's Exit?


Could Coroner possibly live on, in some new form? Or were its numbers waning enough to in and of themselves put the series’ future in doubt? Cast member Roger Cross (who co-stars as Det. Donovan “Mac” McAvoy), for one, tweeted to a fan in late June that it was “not looking like” there will be a Season 5 pickup.

“Given Serinda Swan’s decision to leave Coroner at the end of Season 4 to focus on new creative endeavours including directing, we are continuing to discuss options with the series producers in light of her departure,” a CBC rep said, echoing much of Catto’s June statement. “There are no further updates at this time.”

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12 hours ago, janeta said:

Just finished the second ep; new guy is an asshole.  Would not watch. 

Am also tired of Jenny's whole family life drama.  Let’s just stick with the body of the week.

Just watched episode 3.
New guy is better, but this show is heavy on the family drama.

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2 hours ago, shapeshifter said:

New guy is better, but this show is heavy on the family drama.

Family and personal drama for both Jenny and Donovan. I find that it really drags the show down.

The new coroner seems better adjusted than Jenny, which is good for me.

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9 hours ago, janeta said:

Boy, Peggy's sure a PITA…and Ross is a grown man and can stay out all night if he wants.

Good on the restaurant owner fighting back, with a plank, no less.

And yet, Peggy seems to be the one person who Gordon needs at this time.
I don't find that to be a realistic scenario, but it's interesting in its complexity——so long as Peggy doesn't turn out to be manipulating Gordon with drugs and lies like that crazy character from the earlier season.

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"Heartbeet" just aired here in the States.
I LOLed when Jenny and Clark started kissing passionately and she knocked over the life-size cardboard-cutout of the temporary replacement coroner.

Interesting if disturbing episode with lots of believable red herrings.

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15 minutes ago, janeta said:

Can someone pls remind me how the victim got shot the first time?

The young guy from the park with most of the speaking parts, Shayan, accidentally shot him:

  • [DETECTIVE] Shayan, who shot Rameen 5 years ago?  Was it you?
  • [SHAYAN] I was an idiot punk. I got caught up in a bad crowd. I pulled a piece during a basketball game. Rameen, he was there. And he, uh, he tried to get in the middle of it, to break it up. The gun went off and um...
  • [DETECTIVE] And you shot him.
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i don't know why i keep watching this show.

so, what was the story about jenny's father trapping some guy in his room?

i think i missed it and i don't like this show enough to go back and rewatch it

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LJND pt 2 (which I only just got to see because some guy flew his plane into an electrical transmission tower on sunday night and knocked half the county out of power for seven hours (he and his passenger survived)) was very good.  No Gordon, no Peggy, no Ross, no new coroner guy. Just ooky dead bodies and a weird cult leader. It would be nice if they kept this up, but I'm not optimistic about that. 

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