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Betty White: First Lady of Television (PBS)

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I just watched this documentary on Netflix and couldn't find a thread about it so I'm starting one, please merge this if there is one.  It was made in 2018 but recently put on Netflix.

This was actually a pretty good documentary about her career and more importantly who and how she is inspiring others.  And of course there's interviews with her that are made for the documentary and other various people including Alex Trabeck, Ryan Renalds and many others. I personally felt a connection when they talked about her on Golden Girls as this was a show that helped me get through a hard time (well after it was off the air) as it was still on reruns. I would recommend this documentary to any one who likes her (which I would think is most people). I will say it takes a bit to get going and at the beginning they keep saying her name for some reason. But after ten minutes or so the documentary finds it's footing and is a good watch.

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