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Adventures Of Paddington

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Season 1 of this new, very cute animated series dropped on Nickjr on December 20, 2019

There are two episodes in this season

This delightful series is NOT to be confused with an earlier inferior one, Adventures of Paddington BEAR


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More Paddington episodes airing this week.  Pls check them out

Ep 5  Paddington makes Pancakes.   This episode is so funny and cute. It's Pancake Day and Mrs. Bird, unfortunately, has her hands and wrists bandage from an unfortunate circumstance.  Her pancake recipe is secret and legendary. So the family, as usual, is in a funk.  Here then comes our hero to try to make pancakes for his adoptive family that he loves and adores.  Watching him juggling eggs into a mixing bowl is precious.

Ep 6 Paddington plays Football (soccer)  The boy, Jonathan, is a show-off in this episode.  I personally can't stand the Brown's, but Paddington does, and he tolerates Jonathan.  Definitely a weaker episode.

Ep 7 The children want to camp out for the night in the treehouse, but Mr. Brown is worried he won't get any sleep as the kids will be scared; Paddington wants to prove him wrong, but a lightning storm means they have to come indoors.

Ep. 8 There's a monster in Paddington's room; Mrs. Bird takes Paddington on a monster hunt. This has be another cute tale.  I always love when Paddington and Mrs. Bird interact.Paddington-Finds-a-Pigeon.jpg.3b93a3a333fb6ececb2c296284c7baf1.jpg

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I've been watching these with my 1.5 year old when they rerun on Nick Jr at 6 and it is a really charming show.  The voice actor for Paddington (who also voiced him in the movies) really sells the character.  Paddington can be annoying with his contact screw ups but the voice actor really sells him just trying to help.  It's one of Nick Jr's best shows (I'd put it up there with Bubble Guppies and Hey Duggie).  

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