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S09.E04: Episode 4

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9 hours ago, JudyObscure said:

Then I wonder why the owner of the birds had to get rid of them.

He was moving to a new high rise type apartment building. Keeping so many birds would be impossible and most likely not permitted.

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On 1/27/2020 at 5:29 AM, MissLucas said:The pigeon plot left me confused. If the pigeons (or their droppings) are infected isn't there a risk that they can infect their future carers incl. Reggie? Or will they be alright once their removed from that particular site ? And if so could they not return to Mr Benson after his treatment was concluded? I'm probably overthinking this since the plot was clearly there to set up Doctor McNulty's rapport with Doctor Turner.

I wish they’d explained that better. Was it the soil, or the old man having a weak immune system, or both? Do they need to warn future owners? (Of the pigeon or the building?) Can’t he still have birds in another setting, with more attention to hygiene?

I kept saying “it’s that bird fungus” but I obviously don’t know much about it except that I’ve seen it on other medical mystery shows.  

Was there no followup on the redhead’s husband stealing stuff? That went nowhere?

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