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Vienna Blood

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Wow, Haussmann finally got to be semi-competent.

Seriously, I think the biggest mystery after three seasons of this show is... what's Haussmann's deal? He is so bad at his job, so why is he there? I thought maybe Oskar had a soft spot for him, but then he barely seems to know him (I laughed when he didn't know Haussmann wasn't married, but Max knew). In season one I thought he was some kind of mole/ was purposely incompetent to get Oskar in trouble, but we're three seasons in and that doesn't seem to be it. He's just extra set dressing who occasionally helps prolong the case. Poor Haussmann. (I think the actor is adorable and am longing for a bit of character development...)

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On 2/4/2023 at 7:46 AM, Tardislass said:

Happy to see there is one more episode left. Hoping that the BBC renews it again as I love me some Max/Oskar ...

I've been totally enjoying the Max/Oskar repartee. The "your hat" business that was a staple of the first season. The "welcome to the case"  ritual (and Max' resuming it for his father's benefit.) That one fell a little flat, but I was pleased to have a little nod to that particular ritual. The show is becoming a bit more subtle about these, but the "hat" thing is being reincarnated in this Season. The switching of hats to claim top bunk,  the nod to the hat ritual when Max picked up the Landlord's hat and gave it to him after Oskar roughed the guy up.

And, last but not least, the fact that they tease each other but are comfortable enough to call each others bulls*t and have the other acknowledge they are right. 

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On 2/5/2023 at 8:26 PM, HoodlumSheep said:

Opium dealer--kind of shocked Oskar & Max didn't suspect her of anything based on how their previous conversation went (how she wished all those dudes would rot). Weird how they just believed her about him falling into the water. The ending wasn't the most satisfying.

I saw that differently.

Given the non-verbal eye contact where Max & Oskar both looked at the large pool of blood at the edge of wooden walkway to the bar, I got the impression that they, at least, understood that she didn't "try to save him" but more likely assisted him into the water.  But they had no actual proof she did that. They knew that man had killed a merchant for the "treasure" and she had basically repeated the very same story to them when she told them how she felt about the people she sold opium to. Perhaps they left her alone because they felt some sort of justice had been been carried out.  They were looking for who killed the man in the hospital (or what ever it was), not for the treasure that he was part of stealing.

It seemed to me that Max & Oskar read each other's minds on that issue. Like they seem to do on quite a range of other things. 

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Speaking of hats, there was a scene of Oskar and a higher ranking man. When the higher-up dismissed him, Oskar put his hat on before he left the office. Was that a demonstration of not quite as much respect as the higher-up expected?

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