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Eyes of the Ranger: Walker in the Media

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Well I'm not going to bother catching up with the last few episodes now! Micki was by far my favourite character and I loved Trey. At least it seems like there's a chance she will be back when Lindsey is feeling better. I hope she's able to recover and get any help she needs. This show could go at least 5 years so she's walking away from longterm employment whatever's going on. 

Elsewhere I saw reference to some sort of drama that I apparently missed though. 

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It's unfortunate that Lindsay is leaving, at least for the time being. She's a great actress and Micki is such an engaging character. I loved her chemistry with Jared but taking everyone at her word, she's got something happening in her life that requires her to step back from acting. I appreciate that (especially after the fiasco on the Rust set)) that she's making it very clear that it's something on her end and nothing to do with Jared or the production. Instead she went out of her way to praise Jared and the production team.

There will be quite a few things for the show to coordinate, including an exit for Micki that leaves room for her to come back if things on Lindsay's end change, finding a new partner for Cordell and what to do with Trey now. 

7 hours ago, Featherhat said:

Elsewhere I saw reference to some sort of drama that I apparently missed though. 

Can you provide a link to the reported drama? Because that would contradict everything that Lindsay and the Walker team are stating. I'm sure it's nothing on the level of Ruby Rose/Batwoman.

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Looks like Walker will finally be getting a new partner: Ashley Reyes will be joining the show as Cassie Perez, a Texas Ranger from Dallas.  The character is described as "spirited" and "uncensored", so putting her with Walker seems like a clear way to have poor Captain James' blood pressure go through the roof having to put out whatever fires those two cause!

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On 3/2/2022 at 4:54 PM, Artsda said:

Was right, Matt Brarr is going the spinoff. I think they are regretting killing off an interesting character. 


 Since Independence was already in production before Walker aired I think this was always the plan. Matt was introduced on Walker and will be in the starring role for Independence.



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