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S02.E05: Episode 5

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Also brilliant: playing Broken Man over Remi, but also Adam not acknowledging Eric on the street. 

Hasn’t anyone ever told Otis that it’s a bad sign when your partner wants you to completely cut off a friend(/business partner!)? If you can’t trust your partner not to cheat, well, you don’t trust him.

My platonic ship for this season: Eric&Jean.

ETA: I love the way they strung out over several episodes: Otis getting frustrated with Jackob being around all the time, and yelling at his mom that she doesn’t like relationships so why is this happening, while Jean defends the relationship. Then Jean slowly getting more frustrated with Jackob’s stuff accumulating, him being around all the time, him claiming their relationship. So true to life!

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So this was the episode of lousy adults. Jakob is an arsehole. It's no surprise that he's apparently been single for a long time. He's presumptive, entitled, possessive and rude. 

Meanwhile, Remi was trying to hide from his problems by playing dad to Otis. But Purefoy is still so charming that he's a fun, engaging presence. And I liked that this was a sort of reverse Bechdel Test failure - three guys just talking about a girl.

And I don't blame Maeve at all for refusing to trust her mother. That was not a sincere apology.

Otis thinking he has to choose Ola over Maeve feels right for his character, even if it's the wrong thing to do. Unfortunately, she made his choice pointless, after apparently deciding she really likes Lily. Okay. Although I always figured she knew she was bisexual already.

I liked Adam more in his scenes with Ola than I have in any scenes he's had with Eric. Far less creepy. I'm glad that Otis, at least, pointed out how fucked up the whole Eric/Adam thing is. But Otis and Eric are such good friends, it's nice to see at least two people who can communicate honestly.

But I'm getting frustrated with this season, and some of the writing and narrative choices that have been made.

Wheelchair guy is a prick. Did he really do the whole 'you should smile more' thing to Maeve? Ugh. I don't know why she entertained him at all. He's a compulsive liar who apparently uses his disability as an excuse to be unpleasant to people. Why not give Maeve more scenes with Aimee, if they're going to keep her and Otis apart? Why not give her some kind of subplot with Ruby or Anwar? Or have her bond with the asexual girl?

I honestly don't know why they decided to devote any time to the Groffs'marriage. Who gives a shit?

Still don't care about Viv and the Tory. Viv comes across as marginally sympathetic in her awkwardness, but she's not actually been nice to anyone so far. And she's so blithely dismissive of Maeve and any other girl who is deemed attractive - "all your conquests look like they were made in a lab." Charming.

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I love Eric praising Jesus and running to the car when Jean comes to retrieve them, hugging her and telling her never to leave them again.

And I absolutely adore Eric pulling Otis to him and rubbing his head when Otis says he really thought his dad just wanted to spend time with him.  Their friendship is so lovely.

I'm glad Otis called Adam what he is.

I thought Ola was going to kiss Lily in the last episode when Lily gave her the drawing, so I was not surprised by her dreams in this one.  I think she's right that she and Otis were meant to be friends. 

If I'm supposed to find Isaac's interaction with Maeve charming, I very much do not.  I'm glad they cast a disabled actor in the role, but that's about all the good I can say so far.

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