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S05.E10: The Bottle Episode

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On 1/21/2020 at 7:34 AM, MarkHB said:

Honestly, I think that Lex made the same transition that he did following the original Crisis in the comics. The Lex we had last season was the mad scientist supervillain with the Lexosuit, and now he's John Byrne's beloved businessman who is only secretly evil.

True, but good Lex being the buffer between mad scientist and secret evil businessman would create an interesting dynamic IMO. Maybe Lena still remembers a different Lex and that's part of the reason she's working with him. It means that he actually does have a legit spotless record so they can't just dig up old records to take him down. It creates the moral question of whether J'onn would be justified putting good Lex's memories back in Paragon Lex's head.

On Lex's side he wouldn't have the ready built network of secret evil lairs and tech because his good self was probably spending his fortune actually making the world a better place and not building underground Kryptonite cannons to fight Superman, so it would explain why he needs the resources of the DEO, Supergirl, and Lena to go up against Leviathan.

Crisis seemed to at least be playing with the idea that Lex got a taste of being a hero at the end, and then came back to a world where he's a beloved hero. I'm a bit surprised that the show didn't at least tease the question of whether Lex might actually be changing for a few episodes instead of going straight into Secret Evil Businessman mode.

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