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I'll move this here, thanks for making the topic.  

This show must have replaced HH Reno.   Same narrator at the beginning.    The Swampscott, MA episode from last night was interesting.    It was the second episode, I think.     That one bathroom was amazingly pink. and the blue tile ceiling in the same bathroom was awful.   

 I always get a kick out of the home hunters that are using their mom for a realtor.   This mother/realtor is a hoot!      Even though she's his mother, she doesn't seem to be pushing for his preferred style over the wife's style.     Of course, I really wonder if the house hunters really have the preferences they claim in the house hunt, or if it's more producer shenanigans.    

Not innovative on the kitchen, gray floor, gray Shaker cabinets, and white counter tops, with white subway back splash.      I hate the mixed metal handles and knobs. 

Couldn't stand the half bath with patterned wall paper, patterned tile on the wall, and the pedestal sink.    You can get a small vanity with matching top for a decent price at the home improvement store, and it's going to be easy to install, give you some storage, and be so much more useful than a pedestal sink.     The after made the room look so tiny, and busy.    They would have saved a bundle just putting painting the walls, a cheaper vanity/sink top, and skipping the thousands they put into the half bath.  Over $1200 for a half bath vanity sink was bizarre, and I don't think they sell chunks of the U.S.S. Constitution. 

They could have saved a bundle by doing a simpler half bath, not doing a chalkboard wall in the kitchen.    $70k budget, and they ended up spending $80k.    They could have save a lot getting nice appliances, but not spending $9k on them.    The lower kitchen cabinets with the one sticking out from the bump out in the kitchen was awful.     They could have saved a lot just getting a standard door set on the pantry, instead of two over sized barn doors.   

I hated the 'whitewashed' brick fireplace, that ended up painted all white.

The third episode aired last night, an L.A. episode with a woman veterinarian, her stay at home husband, and a $900k budget.    No I don't understand how they afford that home price, and reno, on a vet's salary.       I don't see how the concrete tiles are called 'Spanish" traditional style.    The husband is getting on my last nerve, with his picky items he does like.  It was zero surprise which house they own, since the first had spiral stairs to the master, and the bath opened to the main room, and had no pool.    The third house was awful outside, right next to a water runoff, and the freeway.     The second house was the only logical one.     

When the husband says the concrete tiles have some kind of dots on them that only he sees, that's bizarre.   I know they were expensive tiles, but they should have found another tile.   I'm wondering if he did say something when he first saw the tiles, but the designer, and his wife thought he would get over it.   No surprise that the wife announces another baby on the way. in mid reno.    I'm so over the white shaker uppers, dark lower cabinets, and a dark floor in another shade of dark brown too, with mostly subway tile on the walls.    The husband still says the back splash concrete still makes him dizzy.    Their budget was $60k, and they went $30k over, and still have only redone one bath, and the other two still need work.    The one bath they redid looked better before, not the dark blue cabinet, dark gray floor, and blah shower/tub combo looks like left overs on the clearance rack.    

I guess this permanently replaced HHR.   

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The 'perfectionist' hubby was a bit of a pill, but I won't rag on him w/the tiles, because I remember just looking at a pic of either a paint color or tile pattern and it made me nauseous,

So if he sees dots....

The reno after looked fine, but it was vanilla meh stylewise!

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Can you imagine how much it would be if they had someone doing the work he did?   Interesting that both southern California couples ended up in Woodland Hills. The first  purchase had a budget for the home was 650,000 which surprised me so I googled housing there because my husband and I looked there years ago so figured it be more.   
I'm also wondering if that house next to the freeway ever sold because the city I’m in would have an encampment all over that area.  

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