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S10.E03: I Married a Stranger

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Just now, Empress1 said:

I forgot this was on and missed Michael and Meka's wedding. I did hear her say she's a category analyst ... anyone know what that is?

She said she "basically plans ads" for a grocery store.

Meka - "How old do you think I am?" is not a good question for a new stranger husband.

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Last week, I thought Meka was way over-reacting to how her dress fit. Now that I see it better it was very obviously too big on top. I don't blame her for being upset.

Michael didn't look all that thrilled initially to me, but he seemed to warm up when Meka laughed at all his jokes. 

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They knew Mindys family was not coming to the wedding. No need to have four empty chairs there for everyone to notice, talk about, and upset Mindy even more. 

edited to add: ok, I guess the chairs are for the bridesmaids. 

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4 minutes ago, Ohwell said:

I'm getting a "difficult to be with" vibe from Meka.

Same. And I hate labeling another black woman with that stereotype. But Michael isn’t as laid back and flexible as I thought he was either. Yeah, they might butt heads. Both have very strong personalities. 

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9 minutes ago, Empress1 said:

Their exchange about kid timing (for the record, I'm with Michael) makes me think they're going to butt heads.

Yes.  Plus, I thought Michael's two year time frame for having kids was perfectly reasonable.  

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Mindy looks beautiful at her wedding.

I think Zach is pleased that Mindy is a figure skater and ballerina.  I don't think he would be happy with anyone not physically active.

Zach seems oddly calm, despite saying several times that he is nervous. It's like he is playing a part, saying all the right things.

Meka worried about awkwardness.  Don't worry about Michael, honey, you've got the market cornered on that.

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8 minutes ago, configdotsys said:

I may be wrong but the vibe that I get from Zack is that he's a phony. Everything he says comes across as scripted and carefully crafted to make himself look good. 

You know, I don't want to believe that but you might be right.  He does seem "too good to be true."  We'll see.

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Zach’s groomsman who gave the speech looks like he is 14!

Mindy’s friend who came last moment to the wedding...I have one word for her: SUNSCREEN

I just don’t trust Zach. I feel like he is a show off. He really knows how to behave in front of the camera

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1 minute ago, configdotsys said:

Katie's bridesmaid is classless, disgusting trash. I hope she enjoys watching herself be a complete and total pig on television. 

She probably thinks she's clever.  Probably threw up all over the Uber on the way home.

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