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S40: Jeremy Collins

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Jeremy is not a fan of Edge of Extinction.



Finally, pitch me a twist or a theme that you’d like to see on Survivor.
I would definitely not do Extinction Island again, I’ll tell you that.

I just didn’t like how… At the beginning I liked it, I thought, “Oh, that’s cool. Put them on an island, see how it goes.” But then when everybody’s there and it just turned out to be like, just camp, you know? And you’re not really playing the game, you know what I mean? There’s a lot of stress when you’re sitting on the island with a bunch of people that are going to vote you out and you take them out and put them on an island where there is no stress, you just have to get through it to try to just get back in the game. That’s a lot of time off, and your mind is a lot clearer. I know there are other aspects of it being hard on you, but there’s nothing like that stress when people are leaving camp and you’re stuck by yourself.

Is there an element, if Edge of Extinction is an element in your game, where you’d think, “Maybe I should go there, to win over the jury,” because that seems to be a legitimate strategy you could try?
The only thing with that is this is season 40. This is going to be an epic season. For season 40, we want a great winner.

If you have someone there on Edge of Extinction and they’re just winning over the jury and then they come back and win the game, did they really play Survivor and win the game? Do you know what I mean? And I don’t want to take anything away from Underwood, but season 40, this is going to be the champ, you know? They have bragging rights over everything.

Right, it’s a question of juries can react very differently to different things. It’s reading the room, and you’re saying that this room, you don’t think that would play, if that’s even an element in the game.
I just don’t. At least I hope it doesn’t. I want the winner of this season to be me, first of all. But then to be someone who can, when we look back on the season, you say “That’s the best. That’s an awesome winner. I’m so glad that they won this season. Season 40’s so epic and it couldn’t have happened to a better firefighter.”


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