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Clarice Anticipation: This Will Be Delicious

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CBS has just closed deals for Clarice, a crime drama series project based on the famous Thomas Harris character Clarice Sterling, which is set after the events in The Silence Of the Lambs. The project, written and executive produced by Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet, has received a big series commitment.

Mind blown.

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Looks like not everyone is happy with the news

Fans Rally to #SaveHannibal in the Wake of “Clarice” Television Series Announcement from CBS

In the wake of the announcement, “Hannibal” fans have been using #SaveHannibal to show their undying support for Fuller’s take on Harris’ world, which had plans to bring Clarice Starling into the fold going forward. Unfortunately, MGM had different plans, leading them to partner with CBS on the “Clarice” series that will have nothing to do with NBC’s “Hannibal.”


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Kal Penn, Michael Cudlitz and Nick Sandow have joined the cast.

Penn plays Emin Grigoryan, an agent with a Ph.D. in library science. Emin is the conduit between the Fly Team and ViCAP’s growing database, as opposed to Clarice’s unique knowledge of Behavioral Sciences. A former curator for the Smithsonian, FBI is, for him, a second career. With expertise in all things archival — from insects, to ancient manuscripts, to missing children. Grigoryan makes the dryest patterns of forensic evidence feel like they came from Dante.

Cudlitz (The Kids Are Alright, The Walking Dead) plays Paul Krendler. Leader of the VICAP Fly Team. Paul grew up in the second-best house in the second-best neighborhood in Hershey, Penn. His father was an executive at Hershey Park. Paul hated ‘The Sweetest Place on Earth’ with a vehemence. A truly gifted investigator for the Department of Justice, with solid legal skills. Krendler is also wily and sensitive to the shifting political winds.

Sandow (Orange Is the New Black) plays Murray Clarke, Clarice’s chief hazer. A heavy smoker. A bit out of shape. Slow to move in the office, but one of your best friends in the field. Hailing from a law enforcement family, Clarke went to Holy Cross on a lacrosse scholarship and a ticket to the FBI. Never made it past field agent, never wanted to. Clarke may present as a knock-around guy, but his uncanny barometer for the truth puts him in a category all his own.


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I would have preferred that Hannibal continue, but I will give this a try, too. 

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