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The Winners: Gifts of Spite, 2019

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Welcome to the list of winners in our 2019 Gifts of Spite poll!

Beauty Aids

It's a tie! The Facial Flex and JuvaLips Lip Plumper each captured 25.28% of the votes.




Shoes, Bags & Accessories

It's a runaway for the GILI White Fake Fur Bag with a whopping 69.77% of the votes!



Cleaning Products

The Green Gobbler Toilet Declogger took this one with almost half of the votes (48.84%).



Home and Garden Decor

A win for the Animal Garden Planter with 40% of the votes.



Holiday Decor

I knew those Christmas Birds had what it takes to win this category! (47.5% of the votes)




The Juvo Toilet Aid overtook the Charley Bear in this race with 42.5% of the votes.



Christmas Sweater

Last but not least, the Barfing Yeti sweater was the overwhelming favorite with 61.11% of the votes.



Thanks to all who participated!

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Thanks @Booney! This was another fun poll.

I voted for several of the "winners". I ended up not choosing the Green Gobbler because I bought it to help clear the tub drain. When you need it, it's a good thing. 

Only Grumpy from The Seven Dwarfs would find the bah-humbug birds cute.

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