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"NewsRadio" showcases the hilarious antics of staffers at WNYX, the fictional No.2 news radio station serving New York. The characters are eccentric and witty, and sarcasm is the name of the game as they surprise one another with back-and-forth banter. Dave Foley stars as the level-headed news director who tries -- but mostly fails -- to keep his colleagues in line.


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News Radio was a hilarious show, I caught off and on when it originally aired. I'm surprised how young everyone was back then. It's up to Phil Hartman's death that really did damage the show. Yes, it was on a downslide by his death, but you could see they were trying to get John Lovitz character up and going and sadly didn't find the footing until the end of the series. 

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On 1/1/2020 at 5:30 PM, janeyjay said:

I've been watching the marathon on/off all day. Not sure how I missed watching this on the regular when it was first aired -- but I'm really enjoying it now. LOTS of legitimate laughs. 

This show was great. Criminally under-rated at the time, and NBC did it no favors in scheduling. Still, a great show to find in re-runs and watch all the way through. 

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In case anyone from Canada is stuck in their house and looking for something to watch, the CTV app has the entire series (with commercials) available to watch. I just watched The Cane and I am seriously considering working my way through the whole series since I only ever saw it in syndication back in the late 90s and I am sure there are a bunch of episodes and running gags that I missed.

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NewsRadio started airing on Rewind TV tonight. Wow, that has to be one of the best sitcom pilots of all time. Kathrine was the only character who didn’t get fleshed-out. Otherwise, it was so well written and consistently funny. Looking forward to rewatching the whole series. 

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For anyone in Canada Newsradio is back on the CTV app for free with just a few commercials. I have been watching season 5, and while it's not as funny as the Bill seasons it is definitely better than I remember. Max has made me laugh several times and the whole DB Cooper arc and Johnny Johnson thing is really funny (although no way does Joe think DB Cooper is what he called himself). Plus the Smatthew is probably one of my favourite episodes (especially with how he talks down to Dave).

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