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Greetings, and welcome to the forum for The Mandalorian! The usual streaming rules apply in here - keep the conversation in the episode topics about the episode, or what happened in earlier episodes. Please do not spoil future episodes as people will be viewing on delay; if you want to talk about Episode 8, don't do it in the Episode 4 topic.

There is not a hard and fast spoiler rule in episode topics about the movies, however, please use common sense, and don't spoil big movie events in episode topics. There are currently two spoiler topics; one specifically for The Mandalorian, and the other if for discussion of the entire Star Wars saga (the movies, Clone Wars, the books, all of it!); and finally, a speculation topic for season two.

Please PM me, the forum moderator, with any questions!


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Since there have been some questions about where The Mandalorian fits within the Star Wars universe, here is a helpful graphic! Everything prior to The Mandalorian (see just to the right of middle under the timeline) is fair game in episode topics and other topics in the forum. Anything after that (primarily the final three films or Star Wars: Resistance) is not allowed in episode topics, and should be appropriately spoiler tagged, unless it's in one of the official Spoiler topics.

As always, please feel free to PM me, @saoirse, with any questions. Thanks!


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