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Bored To Death

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Started re-watching this, which I really liked when it aired about 10 years ago.

It didn't get great reviews or probably ratings.  Probably overshadowed by Curb Your Enthusiasm and other HBO shows.

I don't think Schwartzman was known outside of the Wes Anderson movies.  Galiafianakis wasn't that well known either as those hit movies hadn't come out yet.

Danson was great and his role on this show kind of started a renaissance for him.  Not sure if he'd appeared on Curb Your Enthusiasm yet but obviously The Good Place came much later.

I guess Brooklyn was starting to become hip then and it was before smart phones had taken hold.  Jonathon uses a flip phone to answer his Craigslist ad.


In one early episode, Ray is sent by Leah his wife or gf to get a colonic and Jonathon goes along to support him.  The colonic guy thinks they're a gay couple, so Jonathon asks Ray if they were a couple, which one would be the top, because it wouldn't necessarily be the case that the larger Ray would be the top.

Danson's George character depends on Jonathan to get him weed and to be his BFF.  George is freaking out before he has to give a speech because he gets a herpes blister on his lip so he tells Jonathon to punch him so it appears he got in a fight.  But Jonathon is concerned he could get herpes on his hand.

Before long, all 3 are involved in Jonathon's private detective capers.


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