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S01.E26: Impossible Dream

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Sasori uses a sword to torture Sakura, but she shows her true grit by healing herself with a sword still inside.

Meanwhile, Lady Chiyo figures out that Sasori is just a meat plug that can jump between puppets, and uses this to trap him (not exactly sure what the runes on the floor did?) plus ambush him with Mother and Father.

After a few flashbacks we learn that Sasori saw her trick coming but still walked into it. My theory is that he just wanted one more hug from Mom and Pop.

It still didn't explain to me exactly why he became such a bad egg, but I suspect that's all we're going to get. All in all, I liked the arc and was almost hoping we'd get Sasori as a recurring villain.

Meanwhile, Kekashi decides to quit messing with Naruto and unleash his master plan. Apparently he has an even better Sharingan?

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Episode 27, not 26. Can we get a title modification here?


We find out that Sasori was the reverse Pinocchio: A real boy who wanted to become a puppet. It's implied that the pain he felt over losing his parents made him want to become impervious to pain, both physical and emotional. Unfortunately he failed because he still had a heart...flesh plug...thing.


Yeah, wanting a final hug was what I got out of that too.


Remember a few episodes ago when Sakura was almost out of chakra? Where's she getting the juice to do that healing thing with the sword wound?

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Shoot, that's the second time I've messed up the number. I thought "27" but managed to type "26".

I like the reverse Pinocchio theory. There are also parallels to other fictional characters who see themselves as more complete as they strip away their humanity. Sadly, they are almost always portrayed as villains, maybe because of their reasons for doing so.

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