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S02.E02: Precipice

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This was a very tedious episode to get through. Everyone is in about as much peril as they could possibly be and the whole time Penny is whining that she's not special enough and that mommy and daddy like Will and Judy better. For heaven's sake. The last thing Maureen needs right now is to have to reassure her whiny daughter that she's special enough. Jeepers, Penny. Priorities.

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Yeah I get why Penny was annoyed that Maureen never read her book (when even the resident super villain has made the time) but, girl, time and place! And really, giving Dr. Smith a book was clearly a terrible idea, it just gives her more ammo to do her usual evil dick with people thing. 

The water planet looked cool and I am kind of sad to leave, but robot! 

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I think it's funny that the show's forgotten that Will is the one who couldn't pass the colony tests, not Penny.  As for Penny's whining, they were mainly waiting for the rest of the family to lower a rope so I guess they had the time for it. 

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On 12/30/2019 at 10:56 AM, tennisgurl said:

And really, giving Dr. Smith a book was clearly a terrible idea, it just gives her more ammo to do her usual evil dick with people thing. 

I don't think they gave it to her.  I think she took it from Maureen's things while she was wandering around.

It's certainly the wrong time for Penny's insecurities to come out.  At the same time, I think for Penny there's never a right time with Maureen.

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Boo hoo, my mom didn't read my book because she was too busy trying to save all our lives. 

Although, Maureen shouldn't have lied about reading it either. 

Last season it seemed like the show was Chem testing Don and Judy. So far this season I haven't seen any of that. I'm happy about that because although I think in real life she's 25 and he's 37 (which is still a pretty big age gap), in the show she's 19 and he looks like he's 40. 

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I get that there will be scenes with parent-child moments and advice. But some bits in these first two episodes were more like The Brady's in Space than what I thought this show was going for.

So you're stuck in a ditch, and have limited time to get unstuck before being zapped into ash, and the daughter decides this is the time to vent to her mother about her feelings being hurt. Shouldn't there have been a strong "We're not talking about this right now!" reaction from mommy?

Were there no tethers on this ship?

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I am confused. How did the kelp infect Don? He wore his spacesuit right? The suit that was suppose to seal him off from the vacuum of space and the methane atmosphere? How did the kelp get its venom into his system without breaching the integrity of the suit?

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I have no what you all are talking about with Penny and her hurt feelings. That’s because I fast forward through any scene that doesn’t show something meaningful happening. If it is talking? FF. I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything. 

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