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S08.E01 John and Lonnie LIVE CHAT

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28 minutes ago, JudgeyMcJudgyPants said:


Does anyone else have an advertisement for “lipstick for women in their 40’s, 50’, and 60+” on their page?  It’s like primetimer knows I’m a couple of weeks away from my 40th birthday...


I get that one all the time. It looks like tinted Crisco 

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6 minutes ago, magemaud said:

We’re really supposed to believe that a relatively hot guy is going to propose to Twitney at the Eiffel Tower? 

After watching the commercial, I predict New Boyfriend might make a covert play for Buddy.


OMG, they put Lonnie through conversion therapy??? Keep that scary bitch Mom away from the whole family!

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Oh goody!  Lola got another wig from the leftover bin at Dollar General, or is that really her hair?   

People who sent their defenseless children to Conversion Therapy should burn in hell, starting with Lonnie's damn mother.    

Mommy Dearest will do her best to try to get both sons back to their starting weight.    

Lola wants him to talk to the hose beast with the brother?     Bad idea, he should just dump her the way she dumped him.    Why couldn't Lonnie get another therapist.  

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This is the shitty "therapy session with Lola":

"Describe your childhood."

"You say your dad is a drug addict...but tell me more about your relationship WITH YOUR MOTHER."


"umm hmmm"

"So you weren't supported [about coming out]?"

"mmm hmmm. Must be horrible to go through."

"mmm hmmm."

"You're who you meant to be."

"You cant go back the way you came. I'm glad you can be your true self."

"mmm hmmmm"

Oh good. Lonnie doesn't have to write a letter to his dead dad but he does have to talk to his mother.



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2 minutes ago, sagittarius sue said:

I dunno, with the dark roots could it be her own straightened mane?

No. It does look better than some of her other choices, though. Meanwhile, Lonnie could use some styling on his own hair.

Mom is an evil bitch and they need to cut her out of their lives, not 'talk' to her.

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And...there goes Lonnie. Awkwardly lumbering down the hall like he'd been lobotomized in Lola's office.

That wig had a traumatizing effect on him, I'm afraid.

I don't know about you, but I'm in a hair removin' mood.

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40 minutes ago, Chicklet said:

Cats is why I won't see Cats. I fell asleep during it on Broadway. It's a stinker.

I loved it as a musical on stage, but there is no point making a movie of it using people dressed as cats when they could do animation or computer generated cats. 

I am trying to decide if I am going on a girls' night out to see the new version of "Little Women."

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Lonnie is so great.   He dresses well, wears shoes, has a lovely clean home, that is nicely decorated (I can't decorate well, but I recognize a great decorating job when I see one).   

Oh Lonnie, just tell the b$*%( to go to Hades, get out of your home, and don' bother you again. 

John and Lonnie both look so good, and Mommy Dearest looks like Big Bird, but not as svelte.    I want to accuse and berate the mother, and then follow it with a huge beat down. 

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Lonnie is trying to go out of his way to have this talk serve a purpose... I don't think any of this is getting through to their Mom and John is just there, like he has been the whole episode, sitting dumb-looking.  But at least it did not become a shit-show screaming match... maybe there is some hope for their long-term progress after all...

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1 minute ago, PrincessPurrsALot said:
2 minutes ago, Giant Misfit said:

Right? Like we're all overweight, hairy hags.

Who need face rollers.

And crepey skin cream and geriatric lipstick. 

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Lonnie, PLEASE bring up conversion therapy and not being accepted. 

Mom: “whelp, this has been nice. Gotta go” 😡

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35 minutes ago, mellowjoi said:

I had that one and one for a solution for arm wrinkles.  I thought the solution to the arm wrinkle problem was eat more and smooth it out with fat.  

I got the arm wrinkle one which was rather disturbing.  Also I was tracking  a KLM flight from Amsterdam earlier today, and I am now getting ads for Korean Air Lines ( or whatev the Korean airlines is called).   

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What's her excuse for not taking her sons to a dentist?   And marrying abusive losers who treated her sons like garbage?     And what kind of human being professes to be a Christian, and sends her son to conversion therapy?    

I keep hoping the mother will get run down by a garbage truck, or struck by lightning, or struck by a meteor.  

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OMG she is such a awful bitch. She deserves those awful bangs.

I'm sad Lonnie didn't confront her about her homophobia.

But Lonnie is learning to not eat his "fillings."

And...she's gone. I guess to go home and eat several sticks of butter.

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