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S08.E01 John and Lonnie LIVE CHAT

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John & Lonnie are two brothers from opposite ends of the spectrum.  For years estranged, the brothers are now brought together by a common need to lose weight while they still can.

Original network air date 2020.01.01

TLC offered an early preview of this episode on their website, so no prizes will be offered for guessing their weight.  Damn you, TLC!!!!!!  We were planning to award hair cutting scissors, an extra wide chair for you to sit in to watch others exercise and plates so sturdy they can withstand a 15 pound breakfast along with vats of ranch for dipping every possible food item in. 

They're brothers! Non-identical brothers, except around the waist.  Yes, it's a family affair, with brothers Lonnie and John both realizing that together they weigh more than the defensive line on a US football team.  Will they lose weight?  Will there be a competition between the two?  Let's watch and see!

This is the LIVE CHAT thread.  It will be open during the US East Coast and West Coast showings on January 1, 2020. 

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Hey guys! How y'all doing? My diet was OK today. I'm trying to eat healthier. I had some pita chips and hummus today and for dinner I had a leafy green salad with sunflower seeds, grape tomatoes and a little bit of shredded cheese.

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Hi All!  Super happy to watch this New Year's Day show with everyone here!

My eating habit tonight was shortbread cookies (homemade) and halva (store-bought), because I flew home tonight, and have nothing except holiday sweets I brought with me... I did have a cheese sandwich for my in-flight lunch (with super-yummy Syrian cheese from the Mediterranean store) and later at Newark airport I had some hot buffet rice, steamed veggies and grilled beef because I thought no grocery will be open by the time I get home.

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Hi everyone! Good to be back! I am not watching (already watched) but I will follow the chat. My eating habit today was not good. I had some Reindeer Fuel tea from Adagio when I got up but that's probably the healthiest thing I had today. Had a slice of Black Tie Mousse Cake in my fridge (for two days!!) and I ate that, and some cookies, and now I have some Annie's mac and cheese. Still not as bad as those giant plates of food John was eating. I, too, took note of the hugeness of his bites. I'd choke to death.

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I really hate the mother, and hate that she traded her children's safety for a man.    And how can the mother claim she's religious, and be divorced so many times?    What a raving hypocrite the mother is.      I wasn't kidding when I said I hope she's struck by a meteor, and TLC films it.         

The mother trades her kids for man number three?    And still claims she's religious.    She didn't like that her son was gay, but yet she took every penny he earned?    She could have looked for a job.     

John eating the chili dogs, and the chicken platter is so amazing, but not in a good way.   Too bad the father didn't live long, but he did a good thing for his sons. 

Note to John, it's not a lifestyle, it's the way you're born.  

I love the father accepted his son, Lonnie.   

I love Lonnie's home!   

So John calls his wife Amber, "the current wife"?    

Where do they all get those mega wheelchairs from?    It looks like the Game of Thrones model.  

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