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S01.E03: The Cowboy

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Iwegbuna, an economic grad student from a small village in Nigeria, struggles to adjust to life in Oklahoma, but he gains confidence and a connection to home by becoming a part of a culture he admired most as a child: cowboys.

Dropping on Apple TV on Friday, January 17, 2020.

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While I was glad that Iwegbuna was finally accepted by his professor and some of his classmates, it made me sad to see that it took a full on She's All That makeover to stop the blatant rudeness. I know it was 1981 but FFS!

What I really liked was that his desire to dress like a cowboy was less about trying to put on a costume to fit in and more about watching cowboy movies with his dad. And I loved the guy who gave him his first pair of cowboy boots. That was a sweet gesture between strangers.

I enjoyed the scenes with his ESL class. As much as I like hamburgers, his rant about them was hilarious.

Bonus: Jessica Hecht!

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