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S07.E07: The Truth Shall Set You Free

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That whole breakfast scene with Sasha, Emily and the overweight sister was hilarious to me. The bowl of cereal seemed like a set up but I got the impression that the sister was dead serious about thinking it was not possible to go to the gym and go sightseeing in the same day.

Sharp/TLC definitely baited that hook, but she hit on it like a starving catfish. This is not a woman who understands anyone who's into fitness. Sasha is an ass, Emily is delusional, but I can completely relate to the interest in eating healthy and going to the gym. Yes, the morning after flying in from Russia. The sooner you get back to your routine as an athletic person the better you feel. It's not punishment, going to the gym. It's how you sort out your jet lag and you recuperate from spending an entire day plus not moving around much and cramped into tiny seats.

Also while I do think Sasha can be taken badly for encouraging Emily to lose the pregnancy weight - and start quickly - it could also be that he's getting the dickhead-edit. Relationships where both people are athletes or seriously into fitness involve conversations like that. Conversations that can look really mean to outsiders are often us being supportive and encouraging of our partner's goals. I got lazy over the fall and packed a few pounds on, and if someone overheard me talking about it with my man they'd probably hear him say "Yeah you can definitely drop 15-20 pounds. Let's focus on nutrition and get into the gym." and think he's being a colossal dick, but the reality is that is my goal because I know what my best weight is for my sports and how I prefer to look. I think the sister's off-base and projecting. Emily was already working out and clearly serious about it when she met Sasha. The sister's being a bucket crab.


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On 12/20/2019 at 8:13 AM, Mrs. Hanson said:

Back on topic you say?  I hate Mursel.  A lot.

Honestly, Mursel seems developmentally disabled. Anyone here speak Turkish? If so, let us know what you think. God bless the three sons for sticking up for themselves.

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On 12/17/2019 at 4:06 PM, Silver Bells said:

I get that, but, wouldn’t coming to the USA, becoming a citizen, getting married and having a baby override the religion problem?  The baby would be Catholic.  I doubt she will find a Ukranian church nearby tho.  There are many married couples that have different religions.  For her, it shouldn’t be the dealbreaker.  This should have been discussed before he went there.

Looks like there are a bunch of Eastern Orthodox churches there https://www.yellowpages.com/sequim-wa/eastern-orthodox-churches


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On 12/24/2019 at 7:32 PM, Mrs Robot said:

Honestly, Mursel seems developmentally disabled. Anyone here speak Turkish? If so, let us know what you think. God bless the three sons for sticking up for themselves.

As someone who works with kids that have developmental delays, trust me, he is just an ass.  She is no better however.

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On 12/17/2019 at 10:24 PM, configdotsys said:

Anny and Robert: Maybe I'm weird but I just think it's completely inappropriate to bring a stranger into your bed with your kid. These two are just nasty and deserve each other. How Anny thinks she's going to have all these nice, expensive things from a guy who drives Uber and has four kids to support is a mystery. He can tell her all he wants. Judge Judy would call it "puffing" but is she too stupid to realize that a guy who drives a cab is not going to be able to come through on all he has promised. 


Not only are you not weird - you are absolutely correct. It is incredibly inappropriate for Robert to have his child sleeping with someone who is essentially a stranger to him. Even if nothing ever happened, it models really, really bad boundaries to the little boy as he grows up.

If, god forbid, child services ever got involved in their family somehow, they could actually find that this living situation is unacceptable and force Robert to find a separate sleeping situation for his son. In fact, in evaluating a foster home, most child protection agencies won't accept sleeping on the couch as a solution for a child - they have to be able to provide a bed for the child (not necessarily in their own room but certainly not in the room with the parents).

I know that lots of cultures co-sleep either because of necessity (generally poverty) or out of tradition. And I know that Bryson (is that his name, I keep forgetting) is still fairly young, but if he announces to a teacher or other mandatory reporter that he is sleeping in the same bed with his "new mommy", they absolutely are risking having a DCF case worker showing up at their door.

Also, Robert is just one more of these guys who lied through his teeth about the lifestyle he could provide for her so that he could get this beautiful/sexy/provocative woman to come to the US ... and then is shocked and amazed when she continues to BE a beautiful/sexy/provocative woman when she arrives in person.

AND he seems to expect her to want to be a stay-at-home mom (at least until she gets her work permit) who scrimps and saves and is content with whatever he gives her...which appears to just be "America." I have no doubt that she is using him but HE was using HER too and the main difference seems to be that she was entirely upfront about who SHE was while he lied constantly and is now upset that she's angry about that. It has the same vibe as Jorge/Anfisa or even Colt/Larissa - the women are made out to be the evil gold diggers but really they are just expecting to get what was promised to them!

Honestly, I have little patience for either of them, but I think Robert is especially awful. 

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6 hours ago, GuiltiestPleasures said:

Honestly, I have little patience for either of them, but I think Robert is especially awful. 

I am a mandated reporter and if a child shows up in my class and announces Mommy just brought home My New Daddy and we all sleep together as we only have one room, or Daddy just brought home New Mommy and we all sleep together, I don't care about the gender of the kid I would be calling CPS.  

Robert, how hard would it be to go to the lease agent of your building and ask the lease be transferred to a two bedroom?  They could say no but you can try.  He knew she was coming, he KNEW Bryson and he shared a bed and he STILL renewed the one bedroom lease.  I wish Florida had a rule that offspring get to have their own room, not a couch.  Foster kids get their own beed (not necessarily a room alone) why can't Bryson?  Oh wait.......

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I don't think there is any excuse for Bryson to not have his own bed. Co-sleeping when it was just Robert and Bryson, especially after his mom bailed on him, is fine. As soon as he knew Anny had the appointment with Immigration, he should have began transferring Bryson to his own bed. He could have fallen asleep with Robert and then Robert moved him into his own bed for him to wake up to, but it should have happened before Anny arrived. What's really ridiculous about it to me is that Anny was filmed with an iPhone while still sleeping with Bryson. Her priorities are every bit as trashy as Roberts.

Robert has said that he signed the lease before knowing when Anny would arrive, and it sounds to me like that was probably the truth. The show sent them to that apartment. There isn't any way that Robert would have contacted an apartment that began at around $1750 a month, when he is allegedly paying $700 for his one bedroom. I expect that he has asked to transfer to a two bedroom in his current complex and is waiting for one. He mentioned in one of those posts above that he is looking to buy a condo so maybe that will be the new storyline.

I really don't know how to feel about this couple. They argue 24/7 but neither comes across as toxic or pure hateful. I still think they are hamming it up for camera time. They enjoy the spatting with each other. 

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