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Season 32 (2018/19): Episode Discussion

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So I just caught the episode about Jchandra's suicide when going through stuff on my DVR, and her "friend" (and I use that term VERY loosely here) Ty's involvement in it. 

Holy. Shit. What a disturbing, heartbreaking story. 

On 4/28/2019 at 1:01 PM, TVbitch said:

Well, I'm glad he wouldn't shut up as that helped put him in jail. Please tell me he is not getting out in five years cuz he is clearly a sociopath who will harm more people. 

My thoughts exactly. His wanting to go back and retrieve the noose, his comments about mutilating her body, recording her death-that's serial killer talk and behavior, right there. God knows what else he could do if he were set free. He seriously made my skin crawl.

When it comes to the issue of assisting somebody in ending their life, the only time that should ever be seen as potentially allowable is if it's in a medical setting, with a professional who knows what they're doing, and involves euthanasia. And even that's a hot button debate, for a whole host of reasons (after all, it'd be very easy for a doctor to abuse that method as well, as we've seen in the news a few times). It's beyond clear in this particular case that Ty had no interest in helping and supporting Jchandra, or making her death as peaceful as possible, or anything like that. He was just getting his sick kicks. I really feel for the investigator who had to be the one to discover that recording of her death. 

Also, I found it very odd that the sentence for a child abuse homicide can be as low as five years. One would think that'd carry an automatic lengthy/life prison sentence. 

Just a truly haunting, tragic story all around. My heart goes out to Jchandra's mom and her friends. 

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The show last night was about the elderly couple that were killed by the 15 year old boy.  That is one scary teenager.  I think he seemed more evil when he was cleaned up and acting normal in court.  I hope they never let him out.  He will kill again.  

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That was chilling. Thank god the second judge was like, "yeah, um, well, whether he is genuine or not, it is not a risk worth taking." 

Also, WTF with his friend not taking anything he said or did seriously even after the kid killed animals. 

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