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S01.E01: The Tale of Harold Horpus

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Years after being left for dead by her brother and his gang the Banished Brawlers, Katherine Harlow reemerges as Doris and begins to plot her revenge. Meanwhile, a kid named Ethan is in over his head when he joins the Brawlers’ world of the Bang-a-Rang.

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Man, I cannot get a bead on the historical setting of this show. Ethan has a flip phone though, so it might be mid-2000's Breaking Bad era.

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I've watched the first 3 episodes and I don't think it is set in "our" world. There are too many things that don't track. While some characters have flip phones, all other phones are corded and there are plenty of pay phones. All of the cars are vintage as are the women's fashions and hairstyles - they mostly suggest the 60's. The televisions are all consoles and I can't recall seeing any sort of computers. I have to admit, trying to figure out when it was set kept taking me out of the story - so I have decided to watch it as if it is set in an alternate universe. I'm intrigued enough to keep watching.

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I can deal with some level of anachronism. In the early 2000's corded phones and CRT TVs would be around in cheap hotels. And with some of this happening in"the South" there's a perception of vehicles that last longer and people who like tradition.

I just needed to put a stake in the ground mentally and it helped me to accept the world in the other episodes.

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