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S01.E04: On the Principles of Horsehound

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Doris learns how to work with her new crew The Monster Ring. Ethan discovers the real reasons he was pushed to join this world. Joel makes an unprecedented offering to keep peace with the Ghouls. Molly confronts her past with violent consequences.

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I hope there are others out there watching this - I'm liking it so far.

Anyone else shocked at the turn Molly took? I have to admit, I thought they were going to find her maimed or dead and was pleasantly surprised to find that she killed the lawyer/assassin. In a way you would think that Doris would not have underestimated Molly, when people continually underestimate Doris.

I am worried for Ethan. I don't think the guy he beat up in the parking lot died, I think Doris told Ethan that he did so she could use Ethan to get into the gang. Hopefully he is another one who is being underestimated.

I like Earl and Cordell - they seem to have a code of honor that is somewhat admirable. Cordell provides some much  needed comic relief. I'm curious to see how things work out for the new "Monster Ring."

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