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S01.E05: The Tiniest Battle

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Doris puts her plans in motion by visiting an old friend, and Ethan is forced to deal with being caught between two worlds after his actions contribute to a sudden death. When Bash takes things into his own hands, Joel is unable to keep the peace anymore.

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I can't figure out why Doris put the Ghoul mask on the guy she killed. (forgot his name) I guess she wants the two sides to go to war again? If I am understanding things correctly, her brother and Joel and Bash killed some of their own men and then put Ghoul masks on them - blaming the Ghouls for the murders and starting a gang war. Doris confronted them about it and that is when her brother tried to kill her.

I know she is out for revenge, but it doesn't seem quite right that the Ghouls are getting drug into a war again for something they didn't do.

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