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S01.E06: For the Love of Archipelago

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Ethan fears being found out, as Burt comes home and declares war. Having lost control, Joel does what’s best for his daughter. Doris and the Monster Ring prepare to take the fight to the Brawlers. Out on her own, Meredith is forced to save herself.

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I guess the references to the "Archipelago Island" war  are further proof we are in a different time-line or universe or something? The newsreel footage was in black and white, like lots of their television, and had a definite World War II vibe to it - so it could have happened in the 1940's and this could be the mid 1960's. I know I shouldn't get too hung up on the time references, but it is something I keep noticing.

Joel's ex is the only woman I have seen who is dressed in something that is not vintage.

Help me out here - surely there are other people watching this?

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I think most of the people with the show are using the Tarantino example for the world of Reprisal. It exists in a place  where the disparate things in it exist together. I personally think there are enough anachronisms in modern America that I can deal with it.

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I think people have gotten far too literal and linear in their thinking.   This exists in its own kind of fantasy world that exists in its own timeline where people use pay phones but then maybe someone else has a cellphone.   It exists largely because no other be wants people to not have instant access to information but their might be times where it is needed.  I think the show might actually exists in a bunch of different decades and I am ok with that because it is a fun show.

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