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S04.E13: One Fight in Bangkok

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15 minutes ago, hisbunkie said:

I totally agree with you. I’m not giving LeeAnn any credit though. The time to speak up was BEFORE they went not after. She could have calmly and thoughtfully explained why supporting the tourist sex entertainment industry is hurtful to many.  She may have found herself a hero. 

She also had no problem going a long with the ping pong themed THs after the fact. I agree with Stephanie that the only problem LeeAnne had was that Kary and Kam were getting along.

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53 minutes ago, hisbunkie said:

I’m not giving LeeAnn any credit though.

Oh, no, for sure.  I hope nothing I said gave that impression.

I think the reason she went along and then voiced her outrage after the fact was to make sure she didn't miss out on any camera time.  Very high-minded of her.

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I did not understand why any woman would go to one of those shows. I think it is degrading to the performer as well as the audience.I would not have gone in. I think this is part of Andy's influence.

 The only thing that saved the TV show part, was Kameron's diagramming.  Though I was stunned when she went into both places.

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On 12/5/2019 at 1:45 PM, psychoticstate said:

I have no real desire to go to Thailand (no offense) but seeing the animal sanctuary filled my black heart of goo with the warm fuzzies.  I love elephants.  Not going to lie - - I teared up watching them and hearing their stories.  

Kameron with the white board in her THs was everything.  That is one reason I generally like her and find her entertaining.  

I think I'd be annoyed if my travel mates didn't include me with the massages.  

Brandi on sleeping pills is hilarious.

Kary is a PITA to the highest degree.  

 I agree about Kameron. I saved that part and  showed it to my husband and even he thought it was hilarious.  She saved an icky situation. I did not like sexual shows being a part of this show.  Sexual shows  are just tawdry and exploiting generally poor women.  I would have stayed outside.

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