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S17.E21: Live Top 10 Performances

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Why is Kat still on the show? She should’ve been booted off a month ago. Her voice is so thin and weak and she’s so often off key. But all the judges act like she’s amazing. I don’t hear what they’re raving about. Is it just me?  

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Her blind, and some of her earlier songs were genuinely good (or at least better that what she's performed the last couple of weeks) if you like the wispy voices (Norah Jones, Dia Frampton from an early season of the Voice, even a little Colbie Caillat). Unfortunately, the lives and her voice have not mixed well at all. IMO, I think (I'm assuming she will get through tomorrow night because she'll get a bump from being on Team Blake that will keep her safe) next week she should just plant herself at the piano/keyboard and stay there from the beginning to the end of a song. I do think she will be toast next week when four are cut loose.

Did they stealthily try to get Rose lost in the shuffle by making her go first?

To me Ricky and Jake are all but locks to make the Final 4, I'm not sure about the other two. I loved Ricky doing Born Under a Bad Sign. That was pretty spectacular.

Shane Q (with major Kelly props for the arrangement) might have sounded as confident and as smooth as he has since his blind. That being said, I would guess he will find himself in the bottom again tomorrow night.

If they do a three person twitter save for only one spot....then I think it will be Shane Q, Joana, and maybe Will. I'm probably projecting on Will though. The show certainly loves him and wants him to stay in it for some inexplicable reason.

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Was it just me or was the sound mixing REALLY bad tonight?  When they were showing the rehearsal footage the singers all sounded pretty good - when they went to live performances most were really hard to hear - drowned out by the band and the background singers.

Yes, they keep raving about Kat's tone but most of the time I think she sounds really off key - maybe it's song choice?  I agree that Shane Q sounded the best he has in a while, but it seems that once they hit the bottom they don't come back up.  The only exception to this that I remember has been Hello Sunday.  And yes, I'm really just a very mean old lady but as talented as I think they are - something about them just puts me off.  I do think Will also sounded better than he has been sounding lately but I honestly wouldn't put money on who the bottom 3 will be.  It just seems completely random to me.

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Sometimes the mixing on these reality music shows sounds really off to me too- but my tv doesn't have great sound to begin with (flat screen with speakers on the back). Tonight I had trouble hearing several of them over the music and background singers. Shane was one of those for me tonight, also Rose, and even Katie at times.

My girl Joanna was good tonight!!! I know I keep saying it week after week.... but I really like her voice. Its very strong while also having subtlety and soulfulness to it, and I don't think she is ever off key. I was really impressed with her tonight. I hope she stays in the competition a while longer. 

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The only one that I thought was not good was Kat.  She's just not ready for this. Even she seems to know it. She looks around like, Is this for real? Lol It makes no sense to me.  Just Blake devotion, I guess.

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I'm a blues girl so I thought Ricky was really good.

Jake is one of my favorites and after hearing about his cousin even more so now. I have a son in the Marines and he just came home to visit me for a few days because he's being deployed in 2 weeks :-(

I want Ricky and Jake in the top 3 I don't really care who the 3rd person is as long as it's not Kat.

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Katie and Rose were superb as usual.  Jake was also good vocally, but incredibly stiff, boring, and entirely predictable.  Too bad he's probably the odds-on favorite to win at this point.

I did think a lot of the other contestants improved at least somewhat this week.   Joana, Marybeth, Will, and Hello Sunday (in roughly that order) were all better than they had been in recent weeks.  Even Kat was a little better than usual, though I still think she's the second weakest singer left.  The worst was of course Shane Q, who was an absolute disaster.  That has to be in the running for among the worst Top 10 performances in voice history. 

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