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S01.E03: Through Thick and Thin

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Airs December 1, 2019


An upcoming surgery brings the family together in a time of turmoil; Lexi's client has an interesting request for a portrait of her dead pet; the Martone women head into the big city for a nail polish event where Lexi is an honored guest.

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I'm only part way through this episode. But both of her breast implants "slipped out of the pockets"??? WTF?

Some of their house is really lovely! That patio area where Lexi and Jen were talking about the sisters' argument was just gorgeous. And Lexi's bedroom is so pretty. I wish they'd do a tour of the house!

So whose mother is Foxy? Jen's? Does she live there, too?

On 12/2/2019 at 2:17 PM, Dakisela said:

Check out their nails.  Different in pretty much every shot or cut away.  Where do they find the time?  And, how to carry out basic daily needs?   LOL.

They are a bit much! But Lexi said she can do press on types that she can take off when she works (and prbly wipes LOL).

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