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S02.E07: Harley Wanted to Say Bonspiel

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Since Harley grew up in Bishop I can't believe he didn't know curling terms, even if he never played.  Still, it made for some funny lines.

That cop from NY who showed up at the end had "crooked cop" written all over him.  Whatever Boyle did, I am pretty sure he isn't a crooked cop.

No Dot in this episode.  We need more Dot.

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Yeah, Harley not knowing anything about curling was more than a bit of a stretch. I grew up in a town with curling teams in a nation very invested in curling. I have zero interest in the sport (the yelling makes me nervous) but even I know more or less how it's supposed to work and that you don't call it 'shuffleboard on ice' 😁

But it was fun and it looks to me that they're leaning far more into comedy than last season. Also fine by me: Kelly McCormack on my screen (RIP Killjoys).

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