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So just watched this week's ep (November 25, 2019), and I do think the show is really finding its groove now. Matt seems to have settled in, and the producers are managing to get the right balance between "Live" action and Previous action. Granted they've had a few weeks with some major fires to really liven things up too. 

I'm impressed that they managed to make it this long with Matt hosting before he got a Ninja Warrior reference. Granted that girl who injured herself was worth it. Glad she's going to be okay, and man, she was a trooper for enduring that. 

The animal shot too, with the pythons; wow. Bravo for them for taking care of those snakes, but man, I'm with the studio guys. I'm not as bad around snakes as my mom, but something longer than me will be a major NOPE! to me. 

The callback to the belt was a nice moment of levity too. 🙂

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