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S08.E06: Reset

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This episode really depressed me. It was random, underutilized some remaining favorites and was kind of flat. Then it struck me where we are - we get the Purgatory episode and then crossover followed by spin off backdoor and only one more episode. I was ready for this show to end, I swear. 

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Finally getting caught up with Arrow this season, and this is the first episode I've felt compelled to comment.

The reason being, as others have said, is that Oliver giving up and accepting Quentin's death not to mention his own is not only against years of character development but against who he is at his core. The REAL Laurel Lance said it best:

"I know who you are in your bones Oliver, and that person doesn't give up!"

Had this been anything other than the final season I would've fully expected Oliver to find a way to save Quentin anyway, despite the Monitor's attempts to throw the two into one unwinnable situation after another, his willpower pulling him through. Then do the same with his "inevitable" death in Crisis. However, since this IS the final season I don't expect that's how it's going to go.

Instead, we got an episode where the Monitor put Oliver in a time loop so he could teach Oliver to bark only when the Monitor said he should bark. Get on leash Oliver! Little doggy!

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