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S02.E02: Nocturne

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I just looked at it online and they show the music box (which has cute bees as strikers) but they also show a girl at the piano, but she's just hitting the same key over and over again. I assume it's Charlotte.


This also gave me a chance to look at the red letters at the end. I remember trying the first time and getting lost after "Matt." Matthiola longipetala, from the crest.

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About the american couple/strange accent: i heard that Endeavour says something like " they are an american couple from Kingsport, Massachusetts" I´m not from the States or England, but i believe that Kingsport it´s in fact in the state of Tennesee, not Massachusetts. The only Kinsport, Massachusetts i know it´s in the stories of H.P. Lovecraft (The strange high house in the mist; the festival) i know that this particular episode has some hidden clues and references to gothic and horror literature, so this could be the case.

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On 07/07/2014 at 10:38 AM, BindsTheTuna said:


The little girl who survived had Downs Syndrome, and that was why she was institutionalized and why her father made her the scapegoat. I guess? Maybe? 

hm, that sounds like a better suggestion because i was confused why they showed the girl at the end and that was it.


at first, i actually thought it was a real ghost for a good minute, because of my watching lots of episodes of supernatural beforehand, lol. i searched up the hill murder and the real culprit admitted to his crime, so there's that. i wanted to read the book the indian girl stolen though!

as for the love interest, i was a bit "eh" at the interest of monica, because in the mid 1900s i would be fine with not so "woke" main characters. i mean, in times like this with main characters in this timeline, it's a bit unrealistic for not one of them to be prejudiced. i mean bigotry was a huge thing during the time, affecting lots of people. they honestly believed what they were doing was right. so i wouldn't be offended or anything if morse showed any signs of such. it would be more interesting, in fact, for morse to have these biases (not to a huge degree you see, he wouldn't want monica hanged or anything like that) and grow from them by knowing more and more of monica.

BUT notice how i said that's how i felt at first. it's 1966, a huge jump for civil rights and women's liberation, so this would be have be a bit more regular than say 10 years ago. and looking at morse's character, it's believable that he wouldn't care about what monica looked like. and i hear that the racism in london wasn't nearly as toxic as it was in the US. so by all of these reasons, monica gets a pass (as well as morse).

that being said, i and my sister were mortified when they saw each other at the bar. my sister says she would have ran after her directly but i said i would have probably stood there stunned, as morse was. i was confused and even a bit hurt, i admit, when he didn't bother around her place and explain, but the show was clear to show that he felt guilty and even a tad bit afraid to approach her, as shows when he was going into his room and heard monica's door lock move and he quickly jumped into his own room. then there was this mission he had, which kept him quite busy as well. so i wonder how he will have to scrap up his efforts and try again.

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