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Keri Russell starred alongside Scotts (Speedman and Foley) in this early WB series set at the fictional University of New York. 

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I've only watched it all the way through, and that was a decade ago. I'd been watching reruns for several years after it finished airing on regular TV, and decided I had to get the DVD's from the library. I'd started binge-watching that way in 2006, thanks to the library storing DVD sets of TV shows. 

I started watching this again tonight, on my phone, when I was out at Barnes and Noble, since I have the ABC app on my phone, and I think the whole series is there. So much nostalgia. The finals - or mid-terms? episode in the first season, was one of my favourites (I'm not there yet, it's just one that stands out in my memory). 

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I love this show so much and have all the DVDs. I've re-watched it a bunch of times. I tried getting my cousin into it and she found it boring and never finished Season 1. I've never been more disappointed, heh. 

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