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S01.E10: Perfect Day

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Aw hell.

I kept up with this show because I was really invested in the George & Jake plotline, and I should have seen it coming, but...damn.

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I thought Jake would be sitting there in his car, and hear a gunshot ring out, and come to find out the son hadn't forgiven his father.  I must have been on a murder kick tonight, because when the scene began on the riverbank, I thought next that the Saudis had put out a contract on the brother and sister.

I did like the setup they used to grab the two thugs at the hotel.  Don't play poker with Elijah.

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I enjoyed this show. I liked the Memphis setting, and the characters, and was sorry that George couldn't overcome his past to move forward into his future. Didn't make sense to me, as he had so much support.  I guess the writers figured they had to do something to propel Jake and Sydney together. 

Shame the show will probably not go forward. It had a lot of the necessary ingredients, but there is so much good television out there, it's tough to distinguish yourself from the pack. Not sure what they could have done to make the show more popular.  

Oh well, thanks for the glimpse of Memphis living.  

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So...Delia's wife and Anthony's wife & 4 kids weren't invited to Thanksgiving? I could understand Delia's wife working (she is a doctor, after all), but what about Anthony's family? Since this was last minute, isn't there a Thanksgiving dinner party going on at their house that he should be at??? 

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