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S28.E11: Finale

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 I rewatched the finale and the previous show with a friend last night... he isn't a dancer, nor does he "know" the ins and outs of DWTS. He, too, was absolutely shocked that James was eliminated (instead of Ally). He'd agreed with me from the very beginning of this season that James was the best. Subjective, yes, and undeniable as the season progressed.

There have been disappointing seasons before, when my first choice didn't win the MBT (e.g., James Hinchcliff) - but at least they came close! THIS season feels like a total farce and after a decade of watching this show - ok, I admit, I'm a Tom B fan - I think I'll boycott the next season on principle.

Although it is just a tv show, I mistrust the producers (111%) and believe that they manipulated the outcome for the purposes of their upcoming tour. No way JVB would be able to accompany the tour, leaving his family behind... and NO WAY he was 5th.

Shame on you, DWTS. In this era of fake news, fear-based politics, and botoxed faces, couldn't you have simply allowed this so-called reality show to age gracefully instead of injecting it with such obvious deception?

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Just saw a post somewhere that fits perfectly with my decision to boycott.

"If you don't like something, just take away its only power: Your attention."

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