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S06.E09: Convicted

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This gets tiresome. Every season Pride seems to come off bad. Maybe once or twice, fine, but then they compound the problem by drawing out the storyline for several episodes. So it seems like the audience is following Inspector Closeau (minus the humor) instead of someone like Jethro Gibbs (who seems to never make a mistake).

Oh, and hey, ever think of calling for back-up? Pride was the first on the scene and saw how many people there were. Sure they looked harmless, but did he not think: Hey, these people might have weapons?

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29 minutes ago, Trey said:

I think this is the end of them this time. 

Yup, I’m guessing that the rest of the season is just going to be a shot of the empty office, as mice and bugs start to take back the kitchen and a clock quietly ticks on the wall.

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I do wonder, knowing how many people are on the property, and the fact that they were informed that Eddie Barrett runs a cult, how they did not call for back-up BEFORE even attempting to set foot in that place to make an arrest. Four agents against 30+ armed cult members. I'm sure they will have some magic way to get out of this in the opening of the next episode. But this is just beyond stupid.

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