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S01.E09: Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two

Lady Calypso
Message added by Lady Calypso

This is a reminder for everyone to Be Civil and stay on topic. It's getting a bit heated in here so let's dial it back and get back to the discussion of this particular episode. Thanks!

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I think the best defense on the secret identity front is the relatively modern convention that because Superman and Supergirl show their faces, people had no reason to think they have secret identities as other people. Of course that breaks down for people who know and interact with both their heroic and civilian identities, since the physical resemblance should be glaringly obvious.

If Luthor didn't also know Clark Kent, there might be some merit to thinking that him being Superman on Earth-167 wouldn't necessarily mean he was back home. Maybe on Earth-38 that rocket landed somewhere else and the Kents adopted some local orphan instead. But since he's seen the Tyler Hoechlin version of both with his own eyes, there's no excuse for not making the connection.

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Way behind on things so only catching up now.  Most of the things I wanted to say have been rehashed so I won't repeat it (other than...people who never dealt with a Lazarus Put until now and who think THIS is a good idea to save Oliver are sorely mistaken) but I will say this:


This is probably Ruby Rose's best episode in this role since her start and I think her scenes with Melissa are a big reason why.  Maybe it's because Kate doesn't have some sense of hostility towards anyone (even to Luke in some way), but she is needing someone to say "yes, this is really weird.  There are some things I still don't get years later, but I will help you any way I can." 

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I can understand why some people would love this episode but I found it to be mostly fan service - and rather banal fan service at that. Mileage varies of course. 

I feel like everyone should just listen to Sara always and no one does and that's the universe's biggest problem. 

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