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Episode Discussion II: The TFGH

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6 hours ago, dubbel zout said:

What's the point of the Porsche?

Britt and the Borg bonded while on the run.  Jason needled her about her  driving skills, they play fought, and she said she was going to buy a Porsche.  I believe it was also a "live life to the fullest" moment because of Britt possibly having Huntington's.

Sam and Jason had dominoes, rooftop dates and tequila. 

Maxie, please go home and change.  I'm all for being comfortable, but ripped jeans are more appropriate for Kelly's, not the PC Grill.


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Look, I know there will be bending over backwards to conjure up charges against Nina, but Michael bribing the DA is the most interesting thing he’s done in years. 

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3 hours ago, TVbitch said:

Yes to Jeff Webber! Especially if he is played Richard Dean Anderson. 

Richard Dean Anderson, if I recall, made no secret of the fact that he would never return to GH, so if Jeff Webber does return, it will be with a new face.

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