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S09.E29: Don’t Miss the Sunset

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12 hours ago, athousandclowns said:

Boy she can turn the tears on then smiling on mtv red carpet in her underwear. 
She did jump to is this something to put him to sleep ? right outa the gate. . The intestine was inflamed could be many things. tumor needs biopsy

Hate to tell anyone the amount I spent on my best buddy with surgery radiation and chemo that he tolerated really well.  He went into remission after radiation but I knew it was a fatal cancer. He had 10 months where he was good. 14 1/2 years old best dog in the world told me it was time 2 weeks before last Christmas.

Hardest thing to do. I took out a loan in case I wanted to restart chemo which we didn’t do but still paying the loan.  Why didn’t I think of buying a 855 thousand house ( which is 1000sq ft condo here) then get a gofund me so I can go on my 4  vacations .

i fast forward thru the new girl with orange shadow and Briana. Delegated last week without watching. I noticed Leahs face in her kitchen and it looks jacked up is it cheek injections? Her whole face is different. 

Leah does look different.  I thought maybe she 's gaining weight!  Heck maybe she's preggers!!!

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17 hours ago, Jeanne222 said:

I'm kind of surprised that being they started as teens the show didn't provide them with some kind of sound financial planning!  Maybe they did maybe the girls wouldn't listen.

When Farrah got scammed by the guy who sent her a bogus check for the car she was selling, and she wired him money to refund the "excess amount," I couldn't believe the producers didn't step in and tell her she was quite obviously being defrauded.  I was like, damn, they're letting this happen so they can put it on the show.  They WANT these women to screw up, because they feel it makes the shows more interesting. 

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Briana and her coven have no sense of boundaries with men. And really, how could they? Has a man ever stuck around for more than an afternoon? Have they ever witnessed a self-sufficient, responsible man treat a partner or child with respect and care? Indifference and abandonment is pretty much all they know. I felt for Briana when she cried in the car with her sister. She seemed so vulnerable and alone at that moment without a dependable father figure for either of her children or herself. Obviously she should not have given any money to deadbeat Luis but she did it from a place of desperately wanting his involvement and not wanting to be the bad guy. She's dumb but I guess I don't blame her given her upbringing and fatherless situation. 

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