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S01.E06: History Buff

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The Big One is coming. The girls fear a potential major earthquake hitting Los Angeles, while Jules fears a different “Big One”: running into your ex with a new girl. Stella rebels against Madison’s need to control her friends’ lives during an outing to SantaCon.

Dropping on Hulu on Friday, November 15, 2019.

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This is the first time that Jeremy hasn't seemed like a complete jerk. I still don't want them to get back together but at least he isn't being a total jackass.

Ha, I loved that Macaulay Culkin was down to play a murder suspect/parking lot masturbator.

I was surprised that Stella wore such a covered up outfit. I guess this must have been filmed around the time that she was further along in her pregnancy.

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I had forgotten that Culkin was going to guest star in this series.

I actually found out about the show because I heard Esther Povitsky (Izzy) on his podcast (which is surprisingly good; at least that one episode that I've heard was), and they mentioned it.

The surreal sequences remind me in a derivative and reductive way of Man Seeking Woman.  I'm too lazy to research whether they share a writer or two, but with the lack of original concepts out there these days I'm not surprised.

I'm pretty neutral about the show.  I'll finish watching mainly out of curiosity and OCD tendencies, but I don't know whether I'd invest in a second season.

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