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Green Eggs And Ham

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New animated show currently streaming on Netflix.

Here is a detailed description on how the show came about:

How Netflix’s ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ Expands the World of the Dr. Seuss Classic

I saw a little of the show and thought the voices were a little off for a Dr. Seuss show. They seemed to be missing the little dramatic flourishes that distinguish other Dr. Seuss shows, even though the voice casting is first rate.

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I finished the episodes and enjoyed them. Each episode left off on a minor cliffhanger making the show very bingeable.


I was a little disappointed that the good guys felt that it was ok to break into someone's house to steal ties to feed the chickeraffe while the owners were home, Not once, but twice. In the end, the owner gave them the tie(s) which I think they should have asked for in the first place, instead of immediately settling on the theft route.

Didn't the mouse say he was in prison for 17 years, how would that effect his family. i would have thought the mouse could have gotten a job sweeping the cheese shop floor, which was filthy. What he would have swept up each day could have fed his family and any pay would be a bonus.

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Green Eggs & Ham Renewed for Season 2: Netflix Release Date & What to Expect

Despite Netflix not actually announcing news of renewal, Llana Glazer actress has all but confirmed it herself. Speaking with Variety, voice actress Llana Glazer confirmed she has already wrapped up recording for the second season. We’re still waiting for Netflix to announce the news but fans can rejoice that Green Eggs & Ham will be returning for season 2!

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Not sure if I trust this source.

Green Eggs and Ham season 2 cancelled after Dr Seuss controversy?

Netflix have reportedly cancelled junked plans for season 2 of Green Eggs And Ham after social media outrage of offensive Dr Seuss material.

We’ve reached out to Netflix for confirmation about these rumours as they’ve not made any official comments on social media. We’ve will update this article when we find out more.

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Green Eggs and Ham: The Second Serving is coming to Netflix on April 8. The second season will be 10 half-hour episodes. Sam and Guy’s adventures continue in an all-new season that takes them around the globe and outside their comfort zones as they get caught between two sides of a delicious conflict!

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Netflix Orders Dr. Seuss-Inspired Series and Specials to Anchor Expanded Preschool Content Slate

Netflix doubles down on Dr. Seuss, ordering a slate of new content.

TV series include:

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish follows the adventures of two loveable fish who are different in every way. Red and Blue consistently find themselves in comedic situations that allow them to introduce oppositional vocabulary to our preschool viewers. This will be a series of seven-minute 2D animated episodes along with two-minute music videos

Wacky Wednesday revolves around a 10-year-old Wacky Expert who knows that humor inspires creativity and never fails to solve every wacky problem with an equally wacky solution to when strange problems crop up every Wednesday in an otherwise placid town. The series will feature 11-minute episodes.

Horton Hears a Who! will follow a sweet-natured young pachyderm as he explores the jungle of Nool with his two best friends: going on daring adventures, helping their community, and learning how to stand up for what’s fair. The series will feature 11-minute 3D animated episodes.

One Episode Specials include:

The Sneetches will be a 45 minute 3D animated Special. As long as there have been Sneetches on beaches, the Star-Bellies and Moon-Bellies have lived separate lives. But when two young Sneetches form an unlikely friendship, they teach their communities that differences don’t need to be avoided, they can be celebrated.

Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose will be a 45 minute 3D animated Special where a grumpy moose leader decides that he wants to be the happiest moose in the pack, he calls upon sweet Thidwick to help him. As this unlikely duo embarks on a comical adventure, Thidwick discovers that the key to happiness is being kind to others.

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Green Eggs and Ham: The Second Serving






Sam (Adam DeVine)

Guy (Michael Douglas)

E.B. (Ilana Glazer) 

Pam-I-Am (Patricia Clarkson)

Youk Boy

Darren Criss

Rita Moreno

Gwendoline Christie

Jenny Slate

Michael Cera

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Green Eggs and Ham: The Second Serving        April 8          Netflix

Green Eggs and Ham Cast:
Michael Douglas as Guy-Am-I
Adam DeVine as Sam-I-Am
Keegan-Michael Key as the Narrator
Diane Keaton as Michellee
Ilana Glazer as E.B.
Jillian Bell as Gluntz/Hayzel
Patricia Clarkson as Pam-I-Am
Darren Criss as Looka
Rob Brydon as Philip Trousers
Gwendoline Christie as Marilyn Blouse
Héctor Elizondo as Dooka
Rita Moreno as Dookess
James Marsden as Bo

Season 2  Episodes 1-10    Titles and Descriptions 



S02.E01: The Mom Identity
A taste of home sends Sam on a mission to find his mom, with Guy and E.B. in tow. But a plot twist takes their story in a wildly different direction.

S02.E02: Tinker Tailor Mother Spy

The friends hear the histories of Yookia and Zookia. Sam's desperate to connect with Pam, but a suspicious Guy doesn't trust her.

S02.E03: Goldenguy

Sam shadows Pam on a super-secret mission, even though she'd rather work alone. In tech-loving Zookia, Guy finds an inventor's paradise.

S02.E04: Three Days Of The Mom-dor
Pam and Sam team up for an undercover job. A scampering squail leads E.B. to the top of the border wall, where she makes a mysterious new friend.

S02.E05: To Yookia with Love

E.B. runs away to spend the day with Looka. Everything's perfect — until a hidden relic reveals the truth about the history of the wall.

S02.E06: You Only Mom Twice

Sam and his mom track the Moo-Lacka-Moo to a tropical island crawling with surprises. Guy gets Michellee's message and can't believe his eyes.

S02.E07: Guyfall
A well-meaning Guy saves E.B. from danger and shares his doubts about Pam with Sam — but it only seems to push them both further away from him.

S02.E08: The Sam Who Came In From The Cold
So who gets the Moo-Lacka-Moo? With the fate of Yookia and Zookia hanging in the balance, the friends must decide where their loyalties lie.

S02.E09: On Her Dookess' Secret Service
Pam is forced to pick sides as the Zooks and Yooks prepare for an all-out war. A quick-thinking Michellee is Guy's secret weapon.

S02.E10: The Mom Who Loved Me
Butter side up, butter side down: The great butter battle is brewing! Can our heroes work together to stop it in time?



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