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S07.E06: Dr. Lewis Powell

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First Aired: November 8, 2019

Red alerts the FBI to the suspicious death of a scientist specializing in artificial intelligence research. Meanwhile, Francesca Campbell further entangles herself in Red's criminal activities.

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Elizabeth interviewed a few nannies and now she is confident in her abilities to pick agents for the team?

Who are these agents Park is speaking to that holds Ressler in high regard?

What made Elodine believe Aram is down for these high risk activities? Next week, she is going to suggest they carjack someone before breakfast.
Another "Whoops" for Red and his clumsy bunch. See ya Higgins! You had to suffer for their lack of care during torture.

Teddy needed Dembe to help him stretch was funny.

Ressler hussled and got all those people out. He must have felt real juiced for work today.

See ya Frankie! You should have left town the moment you got out of the fake hospital. Now you feel real stupid for saving Red's life. Look where it got you!

Red is too "brutal" for Park's liking but she wanted to murder Frankie with a piece of glass instead of arresting her? 

I'm surprised Red would tell Elizabeh he would be at the warehouse. I doubt she was that quick to find out on her own and Park must have broken all traffic laws getting there.

I guess Park beat up an agent that got her lunch order wrong in Anchorage and it's haunting her.

This AI situation was solved very quickly. Sarah Connor flips her middle finger at this.

Why was the AI so sure the police was going to shoot Dr. Alexander?

Twice Aram said something about his "death". Is he hinting he'll be killed off soon? 

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The only "deep fake 'in this episode was Megan Boone's acting ability.

Oh nooooesss, a killer A.I. --- and it's dead.

2 hours ago, edhopper said:

Park? So Liz's story has become so boring they had to introduce a new agent with a "mysterious" back story we have to suffer through.

Katarina Rostova and Reddington are also Park's real parents. 

How do we know this ?  Park was done with Reddington, and then changed her mind and wants to work with him. #sarcasm

Not even a mention of Agnes this episode, or the new neighbor lady who isn't Katarina but still plenty evil.  And definitely no sign of the dogs or Robert Vesco's cat.

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I'm glad to see Aram is doing his best to turn his girlfriend's risk addiction into something positive. Go bungie jumping or skydiving. Hit up the go-kart track. Get her a leather trenchcoat or something. There's all kinds of things you can do that don't involve leaving a bunch of DNA and fingerprints at someone's house!

Red's plan to test Franchesca's loyalty had a lot of moving parts to it. Keep it simple, Red.

After many seasons of showing torture as being effective they finally hang a lampshade on how it isn't always the best solution.

Did Red target this week's Blacklister because he's trying to get his hands on better deep fake technology?

Evil AIs never die and Aram would know this if he had watched literally any of the Terminator films. You unplugged it? Nice try.

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Bad enough Ressler had to tolerate another Reddington murder last week. The new agent has to get dirty on her first day? I thought this was the Blacklist not Training Day.

Yeh when did Lizzie take over HR.  And sloppy Red, 2 'accidental' murders in 2 weeks. Not only does that put the task force at risk that kind of body count creates missing persons and people looking for them.

I will say something was off when AI told her to get the kid close to Reddington. The hair, little detail and I don't picture that as her style.

Thrill seeking girlfriend is doing to Aram what Reddington is doing to the task force-putting them at risk and making total hypocrites out of them.

That stuff being said trainee agent Park could be a unique or interesting character if they do it right.

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Yes, the new agent came out of some writer’s ass.  Apparently they would be over the non white cast member limit, so they killed off the ex medic.   And in the meantime made her out to be the stupidest dipshit in the Galaxy.

How many anvils did Red drop on her head giving her chances to reveal what she was asked to do?   

And I am over the FBI turning a blind eye to murder.  

Is this the last season?  Please let it be.

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3 hours ago, paigow said:

Park: I killed the Governor in Anchorage...

Liz: I killed the A-G, remember?

Park:  Oh yeah?  Well, I caused his plane to crash, too, killing everybody.

Liz:  That's nothing.  I blew up the Post Office and joined the Russians.

Writers:  We made two dogs, a cat, and a baby disappear.

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On 11/8/2019 at 10:27 PM, mxc90 said:

Twice Aram said something about his "death". Is he hinting he'll be killed off soon? 

The Washington Monument is a high value terrorist target. They are trespassing. He must have a feeling that some trigger happy guards will shoot them.

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