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S17.E13: The Knockouts, Part 3

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Airs November 4, 2019


Taylor Swift serves as a megamentor to all of the coaches' teams on the third night of the knockouts, as the coaches pair their artists to perform individually against a teammate, then select a winner to move on to the live playoffs.

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Hello Sunday does pretty harmonies but something about them seems very pre-packaged.  Sort of like what you would expect to see on a Disney show or something.  While their talent is undeniable, something about them just leaves me cold.

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5 hours ago, adhoc said:

I will never accept a two-person "contestant".  It's not fair to the other contestants. Period.

I agree. My 2 favorites of the night were Alex and Jake. Hello Sunday needs a Disney show not a record label because I think they would have more success with Disney.

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4 hours ago, Ellee said:

Has everyone disappeared until the lives?

My dvr didn’t record this episode for some reason. Judging by the lack of comments, it must not have been very exciting. I could hunt down the performances on YouTube but it feels like more effort than it’s worth. Maybe we’re all a bit burned out by the show that won’t stay away long enough for us to miss it? I’m also still feeling pretty burned out after last season’s formatting fiasco on top of the previous season’s Adamgate.

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My interest plummeted with the departure of Royce Lovett. Although I like Wake Me Up and enjoyed his performance, Gwen seemed particularly unenthusiastic about him during rehearsal.

He should have stuck with reggae until the lives.  Gwen might talk about how she loves the changing of genres, but I don't think she's ever not chosen a reggae performance.

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This episode had the best at the beginning and at the end with a lot of blah in between.  Rose was phenomenal and Hello Sunday went from being a novelty to real contenders.  They were very very good, with a much tighter more controlled performance than in previous rounds.  Turns out they have a lot more than just youthful enthusiasm going for them.  Alex also stepped up in a big way and I'm glad he was stolen.

Of the rest, I guess I would give the edge to Jake, Kat, and Zoe, who were all at least fairly good.  Biggest disappointment was Lauren, who completely lost control right from the beginning.  Almost as bad was Royce, who ended up shouting half the song.  Shawn and Kiara were also a bit disappointing given what they'd shown in previous rounds.

The only coaches decision that I strongly disagreed with is John taking Will over Zoe.  I get that he's entertaining in a slapstick sort of way, but his lack of vocal control gets worse with every performance and his overacting on stage just bugs.  Meanwhile, Zoe proved herself once again to be one of the better vocalists in the competition. 

It's too bad they're not bringing back contestants to the Live Playoffs this season, because I would like to have seen both Zoe and Destiny get another shot at staying on the show. 

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