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Breaking Down The Shot

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This video is really interesting and shows the development of twin special effects on screen.

How Hollywood Twins Have Evolved over 100 years.


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Cary Fukunaga's True Detective is the first time I came to appreciate the long tracking shot. The scene actually went on for 6 minutes of chaos and violence, which I imagine is very difficult to do.



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John Krasinski Breaks Down the Opening Scene from A Quiet Place 2.  I was amused at how insistent he was that he would not participate in a sequel but ended up getting sucked back in while working on an outline for the person who was supposed to take over as writer/director.  I feel like the first film ended in a way that concluded things while leaving the door open to other possibilities and that the second film does that as well. I do think if there’s another one it should be helmed by Krasinski because he’s very focused on the character aspect and another director might get focused on the monster/scare factor.  

I love the sound editing for these films.  I like that he crafted some scenes so the sound mimics what Millicent can or can not hear.  I loved how proud he was of the camera getting broken causing a mistake that ending up being a perfect shot.  I lot of directing is creatively responding to unexpected events on set.  So good directors plan but can also cope with the unexpected.  I like that he used the shot with the error because he worked better than the plan.  


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