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Yes, thanks for creating this.

Couple of things from me (oh boy you say?):

First, I love love Jane Pauley.  Always have, she is just so classy and seems to be  a real lady.

i find the nature segment at the end of each show  is Always too short, except last weekend when they showed 1min 19sec of spiders!  (Yes sometimes I time them, easy with a smart phone 🤓).  I am fine with spiders outside.    I know they are good bugs eating the bad bugs.  But like today, I could have watched those Texas bats longer than 15 seconds.  I do know they put them on YouTube in a longer version. 

I found Ted Koppel’s attitude very off putting during the Oberlin segment/interview.  He did not seem impartial.  And his ending comment about the one guy’s having pancreatic cancer, what the hell did that have to do with the case?  That story left my stomach in knots.    The rest of this show was excellent.  ELO........Yes❣️

RIP Chika, sweet little girl.

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This is the fourth time in the past few months that my DVR failed to record the show.  What did I miss?  (I'm so choked!!  It's the first thing I watch on Sunday night!!!)

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Me too.  I love to watch this program with my morning coffee.  Usually it is an uplifting show to start the day.

 (I have mentioned before that I have had several concussions and a brain bleed so my short term memory is meh.)  I have deleted the show but I’ll try:

1.  a very interesting piece about a new art mall outside SantaFe financed by the GoT author.  

2.  Mitch Albom financed and helped build better living conditions for some orphans in Haiti and then brought home a little girl with a brain tumor (this one made me tear up)

3.  Mobituaries and people that write obits

4.  Electric Light Orchestra is making  a comeback

5.  The story done by Ted Koppel about a black kid trying to buy wine with fake ID, runs and is “detained” and arrested and the Oberlin college kids protested the owners as bigots and the store owners won a big  court settlement. This one was long and convoluted, needs to be reviewed yourself.  I intend to research it more.

6.  Then the millions of bats coming out of caves outside of San Antonio or Austin, can’t remember which.  Really cool looking, I love bats, I think of them as little dogs with wings 🦇🐕

youtube may have this show.  Hope this helped.  And thanks, It was a good brain exercise 🤫

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16 hours ago, Medicine Crow said:

Thank you SO much!!  It looks like I missed a good one!!!

You don't have to miss it.  They are available to watch on YouTube.

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The bats were San Antonio, but I've seen them in Austin.

Thanks @Giant Misfit, for starting this thread!  I've watched the show over decades.  I love Jane Pauley as host, too.

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